Caged Bird

May 18, 2010
By A.Q.Allure BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
A.Q.Allure BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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All Clare knew was that she was stuck in this endless tower of endless caverns, hallways, and walls. Numerous tried to escape before, but they all escaped leaving their empty promise to help her.

Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Whoever was the captor, she was provided for: food, bedding, clothing, all the essentials, except freedom. She was merely a toy in the captor's cruel game. A form of entertainment.

Today was the day, that she was going to climb over that wall and see freedom.

She climbed along the trellis, not caring about the tears in her petticoat. Finally, the top. The other side obscured with fog. Climbing down, she reached the hard pavement.

Finally, freedom. She looked around at the new environment, except nothing was new about her surroundings; it looked all the same. No, it was the same.

"Foolish girl, you are the only one left. I wouldn't dare allow you to escape."

Her green eyes flickered in shock. Finally, Clare broke down in tears.

Can I ever leave?

The author's comments:
Just an exercise. I did earlier. Choose random characters and make a quick 60 second story. About a girl trapped forever in a mysterious place with more mysterious captor.

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