Sophia Sonnel [PART TWO]

May 18, 2010
By NeverEnding... GOLD, Northeast, Maryland
NeverEnding... GOLD, Northeast, Maryland
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"It was as if you had died and no one came to your funeral"
"Whenever i see you i burst apart and scatter the sky with my blazing heart"
"If we can't be happy, maybe we shouldn't be together"
"Right and wrong have ceased to mean much to me"

So you know what happened after that? While I was falling, I somehow passed out. I woke up with a headache and a pain in my leg.

“Sophia! Wake the hell up!!!” screamed Rosa somewhere in the darkness to my left.

“Where are we?” I wondered.“Hell… duh where else? Told you we were cursed. The stupid demon even said, ‘if you come outside I will tell you a secret! Ha-ha-ha.’ then I think he was talking to himself when he said, ‘Curse them, take them, ruin the world! Ha-ha-ha.’ and you accuse me of doing sooo many drugs but this guy! This guy is so laughable. There must be some coke down here or something!” and my druggie sister laughed.

“Has the creepy voice talked again?”

“Well duh. He said, ‘Now girls,’ he was being sweet, ‘I want you to stay here and I’ll come for you in a couple minutes and tell you your fate. If you do as we say, Maybe you’re lives could be spared. Or maybe not… just don’t bother me.’ and then he was gone! Poof!”

“Enough!” the demon screamed, “Now we need to discuss what you will do for us and you guys will do it, Ok?”

“Can you like turn on the lights or something? Or light a candle? I cannot see anything!” I said. Commanding a demon or not, I didn’t care, I needed to see.

“Stupid girl,” he muttered and the lights came on from a lamp in the far corner of the little room they were in. It was empty except for a plate of disgusting-looking food atop a table in the middle. “Eat while I explain. You two are the great-great-great-great-great-granddaughters of Rosalina Ricardo. She made a deal with the King of the underworld, or hell. She said that her great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren will be able to do The King a service. A service that would let the dead people or ghosts from down here be able to return to earth and join humans.”

“Cool. Ha-ha.” Rosa is so mental sometimes, I swear.

“You will both go up to earth once again but you will have completely different identities.” He snapped his fingers and they changed. Sophia, a blonde with blue eyes and the figure of a goddess changed to dull brown hair, dark brown eyes, and slightly over-weight.
“OHMYGOD! I’m fat! What the----!!! Change me back!” the demon only laughed and turned my nose upwards, made my lips really thin, and gave me a unibrow. That’s what I call torture!

Rosa on the other hand, a blonde with black eyes and sickly thin body turned into a pretty girl with black hair, dreamy light blue eyes brighter than a flashlight, with my old body. I really wanted to hit her.

“Oh this is nice, I have boobs! This is fantastic!” she felt my old boobs and I hit her upside her head. So she slapped me with my old hand. I yanked her hair and she punched me. This would have gone on longer but the demon laughed. Clearly, he was enjoying himself!
“You will each kill one of the great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Gretchen Higher. There are two of them so one for each of you. Rosa, you get Edgar, and Sophia,” he laughed, “you get Tayler. They are your ages.”

“Why would we kill someone!?” I asked.

“To save yourselves of course, if you kill them and bring them back here to hell then your lives will be spared. If not then you will live in The King’s very own torture vault. Ha-ha-ha-ha. So GO!” he snapped again and we were turning in circles and our surroundings went blurry. I managed to pass out again while my sister screamed, “I LOVE YOU, HELL!” Goodness, she’s so odd!

The author's comments:
this is part 2 of a long piece of writing. I will write as much as i can but the rest could take a year to put on here ... hope you like it! :)

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