The Hawk and the Bunny

May 15, 2010
By Allison Roth GOLD, Pound Ridge, New York
Allison Roth GOLD, Pound Ridge, New York
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On a cold, rainy night, a hawk was flying and hunting for his first meal in days. This hawk was starving, weak, and desperate. He thought to himself, Please God, at least let me find a small rodent to eat before I die of hunger. After a long and tiring search, the hawk finally spotted a field mouse scurrying about in the grass. Using his last bit of energy, the hawk swooped down and caught the helpless animal. His sharp and unyielding beak broke the mouse’s neck with a crack, followed by whimpers and squeals.

As happy and relieved this hawk was to be carrying substantial prey in his talons, he was watching for more. In fact, the hawk viewed a very large and plump bunny hopping through the tall grass. Without a second thought, he flew down and began chasing the animal that was fleeing for its life. On the cusp of collapsing with exhaustion, the hawk lost grasp of his dead prey while his chances of defeating the bunny were decreasing. The hawk was flying slower and began to lose sight of the bunny. At last, he could not fly any longer and fell to the ground with frustration. Later that night, this greedy hawk died of starvation and thirst.

Moral: Greed begets nothing.

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