In My Backyard

May 18, 2010
Right in my own backyard I saw my dog standing on two legs. It was so strange, that I told my mom.
“Let me see.” She said.

When she went to see Blacky, he was laying down. My mom told me it was probably my imagination.

The next day I went to my backyard with a bowl of food and water for my dog, but when I saw him, he was reading. I told my mom and she just ignored me and said:
“Stop lying.”
“I’m not lying.” I said.
“Go and check for yourself.”
When she finally got to the backyard Blacky was eating like a normal dog. My mom said:
“There is nothing wrong with Blacky.”
She looked at me like I was crazy and said,
“Maybe you just need a little rest.”

The next day I saw Blacky talking on the phone. I thought of telling my mom, but then again she was not going to believe me. So I just let Blacky get away with this one.
Of course the next day I woke up and thought that Blacky was going to do something totally unnormal for a dog. So I thought if I sneak on my dog, and then tell my mom to come and see Blacky. Well anyway I went to the kitchen very quietly and my dog was cooking a pie. I couldn’t believe that my dog was using the oven.
I went to the living room and I told my mom to come to the kitchen very quietly to see what Blacky was doing. When she saw Blacky she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Now do you believe me.” I said.

“Yes.” She said

In the morning my mom took Blacky to the vet. She told the vet the strange things Blacky was doing. The vet looked at my mom like she was this crazy person.
“Ha ha.”
“I get it you are playing a joke on me.” Said the vet.
“No we are not joking”
“We are telling the truth”

Since the vet wouldn’t believe us, we left. When we got home my mom thought that we should get a camera and record Blacky doing the strange things he normally does. We looked for the camera and when we found it we hid it behind a bush near the backyard.

The next day we got the camera and watched what was on tape. When we saw the tape Blacky was dancing.
“Everybody has to believe us now” said mom.

But when she said that I thought if we show anybody the strange things Blacky does, they are going to take him from us and use him as an experiment and never give him back to us. So, I told my mom, and she decided not to show the video to anybody and we stayed with Blacky no matter what funny and weird unnormal things he did.


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