April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I stared at her, my mouth gaping open.
"Remember Meg, you promised not to tell your mom." Why did I promise? I already had the proof. There was no need to. I told my mom everything, so how could I not tell her this?
"I know Cori, I promised, and I need to keep my promise."
That's when Kate came over to our area in the classroom. Cori and I sat next to eachother.
"Hi," she said, then she noticed my face.
"Hey what's going on?" she asked, completely confused.
"I told her," Cori motioned to me. That's when Kate's mouth fell open. It all went downhill from there. I would definitely have to sit by Kate on the bus, ask her questions.


"Hey! Kate!" I shouted from across the bus. She was chatting with one of her friends. She looked from me to him to me again, then once more back to him.
"One minute," she said to him. I quickly came over to her and sat down in the seat beside her.
"First of all," I began, "How long have you known about Cori?"
She looked down at her feet. "A few days now."
"When did she do it?"
"About a week and a half ago." She started playing with her zipper. "And now that her secret's out, I might as well show you mine." She pulled back her sleeve, and I drew in a breath.
She stared down at her sliced hand. "I did it on the fat part of my hand unlike Cori. It hurts less there."
"Does Cori not trust me," I said changing the subject. Bad move, I now know.
"No. She thought you were going to tell your mom so she didn't want to tell you."
Now, I would have to break two friend's trust. I had a long day ahead of me.


I did in fact end up telling my mom. My guilt ate at me for a long time. Now, I had to write all this in my journal.

April 28, 2010

(1) Haven't talked to Conner for 2 weeks
(2) Both Cori and Kate cutting
(3) Grandpa in hospital, not supposed to make it

The author's comments:
All true, except names were changed.

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