Desert Sun

May 21, 2010
As I was walking through the Arizona desert I was least surprised by the array of cactus that was scattered amongst the land for my mind was becoming delirious and my throat was swelling up from the dryness of the air. All I kept thinking was find a cave find a cave to shield myself from this undesirable heat. I’ve been walking for hours and my feet ache so terribly. But finally that would all stop; my legs cave in and before I know it my body goes crashing to the orange, dusty ground. My mind goes spinning into a deep dream, a dream of redemption from the blazing Arizona sun. I was a cold blooded snake in the dangerous terrain of the Amazon rain forest slithering around in the grass finding my redemption from the heat. Back to reality. My body feels the vibration of the ground beneath me. My ears catch a strange sound; the sound reminds me of my Uncle Albert’s chain tires. At this point my eyes are still closed but within seconds they open when a colossal amount of water is splashed upon my face. My eyes slowly open to a blurry image of a dark figure. I was no longer dreaming I supposed; my brain made the recognition of a human being. And before me there he was my savior, my guardian. My savior pulled me up from the ground and forced water down my throat. “Drink, Drink everything until it’s gone” he says to me. My vision begins to clear and the dryness of my throat slowly fades away. I could now clearly see his face he was handsome with a chiseled chin, sandy brown hair, and green eyes I couldn’t help but gawk at him. “Are you okay? What the hell are you doing out here in the middle of July?” he asks. I couldn’t give him a straight answer besides what the hell am I doing out here? I mean I originally came out here to find myself; to understand how I have gotten the way I am now but now I realize this was the wrong place to have done it. “I was taking a walk but I got lost along the way” I say. “Lost? The only way you get lost out here is if you want to get lost, the desert is a dangerous place to be if you don’t know how to maneuver around it” he tells me. “What’s your name?” I ask him. I would do anything to change the subject. “Knox” he responds, “and yours?” “Melanie” I answer. “Melanie”, he sighs, “that’s a beautiful name”. “Now Melanie I hope you don’t mind me saying this but it’s going to be getting dark soon and the rattlesnakes tend to come out at that time so we should probably get going” he tells me. “Rattlesnakes? ...Yea we should definitely get going” I say to him. I quickly hop into Knox’s pickup truck. We begin to head down the orange, dusty path into salvation. The joy within me was immense. I look over to see Knox smiling at me, I smile back and say “thank you” he was reaches for my face and wipe a smudge of orange earth off my cheek and says to me “Your welcome”.

The End

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