Different Points of View

May 21, 2010
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I looked around the class. Nothing interesting was going on, so I dozed off. But, something went wrong, horribly wrong. Apparently, something happened downtown, and so we were all sent home. I was going to go home in a few minutes anyway, I was getting bored of school. I would've been hanging out with my friends, and we would go do things, like playing tag and run. Like a normal game of tag, but with graffiti and cops. I then remembered I was going home, so I went to the subway because I was tired, and actually wanted to go home.


I was taking notes about the lecture my teacher was giving, when I found myself thinking about how I was seen as uncool, and how I could change that. I was rich, but nobody knew. Maybe, that could be the way I could become cool. But then, I realized people would only like me for my money, not the real me. Suddenly, the teacher got a phone call, and she said to us that something happened downtown. My classmates were probably scared too, because I saw Alex brushing his hair to no end, something he does only when he's really nervous. He then dashed out of the room for no reason, which was really strange. My teacher was talking extremely fast, so I could only hear about police, gunfire, and other people. So I waited after school until my chauffeur came, after everyone else left, of course, and he took me home.


I was sitting in class thinking about my comb and hair spray, both of which were taken away because, “It was distracting the other students.” I noticed my hair starting to droop, so I started to wave my hands frantically through my hair. But, then I realized the teacher talking about some people in a group that had money in their getaway car, or something of the sort. I stopped paying attention after that, because the teacher wasn't very interesting anyway. I then ran out of the room to get my comb and cure my unkempt hair.


I was leaning on my desk during class that day. But honestly, don't tell anybody, but I was actually paying attention. But, only the best that I could. She was talking about the Revolutionary War, and how George Washington made the British run away. I was thinking about how he could have done that, because the british army was huge, and only 1/3 of the colonists were actually fighting, when the teacher had gotten a phone call. Apparently, a group of gangsters had taken a police car and were doing something that caused worrying everywhere. I don't remember all of the detProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ls though. I saw one of my classmates run outside while brushing his hair. I was confused, but scared like everyone else. I then proceeded to exit the building and go home.

What Actually Happened?

It is interesting how the different people have different points of view, even though they all were in the same place at the same time. What had actually happened was that a group of people that had robbed the bank, less than a mile away from the school. The school was downtown, but the students did not know how close the school was to the crime. The criminals were running away from the crime scene, towards the school, so the principal decided to send everybody home, to keep the students from potential danger. When the teacher got the call from the principal, the criminals were already a block away from the school, so she was fretting and was talking really quickly. The police were trying to catch the criminals, but the criminals were armed, so they shot back. When the students were sent home, the police caught up with the criminals and arrested them, so school started again two days later. None of the students heard the full message because they were concentrating on other things. This was why they were so calm in the situation. It all happened from their Different Points of View.

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