Broken Pieces

May 20, 2010
Ya know that feeling? Right before you go to sleep. You feel like you're falling off your bed and you cant feel your feet or the blood in your veins. It's a feeling of freedom.
Im a made-up dream, that i believe, but will never happen. Dreams are made up of memories, and without memories, we'd be nothing. Im an unknown world that is unseen. That you cannot touch. I can see him...everytime i close my eyes, my thoughts wander in different directions. I can see him...trapped in my reflection in the mirror, desperate for escape in this real world we call Earth. What is Earth? What is it meant to "be". What is love? These feelings in our so called "heart" that we cannot touch? I see him in the darkness of my dreams that bring light. I cannot touch him, I cannot feel him, I cannot see him...but he's there...I know he is. Ever wonder how the best things in life are done with our eyes closed? When we kiss, when we cry, and when we dream. <3

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