The dream

May 20, 2010
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I was in the woods walking down a path dressed liked little red riding hood. I don’t know how I got this jacket on and this basket but I kept walking. On my walk I saw Cinderella and Snow white eating tea with the queen of hearts from Alice and wonderland. Then the three little pigs tried to rob me. However I use my special martial arts skills to scare them away. Then I arrive at this cottage and I see fourteen dwarfs eating a wolf. Then they looked at me and they had this look like they were going to eat me, so I ran before they could get to me. Then Anna comes by and falls. So I help her up. However she follows me. However she disappears whenever I turn around. Then I see my sister playing dance, dance revolution against the gingerbread man. I grabbed a mat from my basket and join in. I ended up going up against the gingerbread man in a championship. He was up by a thousand and the only way I could win is if I ace the finale at the end. The pattern was like up,down,up,up,up,up,up,up,up,up, left,right,left,right,right,right,right,left,left,left, down,down,down,down. Then the hard part came. I had to hold all the keys down at once. I had a few seconds to figure out what I was going to do. I found out that I was going to press on all of them with my hands and feet. Then in big letters it said you lose to the gingerbread man. I screamed at the top of my longs. Then I walked away. Then I came up to this large locker room and this locker was shaking. Then this large leopard came out and attacked me. Then Anna comes out and punches the leopard in the face and throws it off a cliff. Then she walks away without a word. Then the wolf comes by but he was really fat so he rolled to me. However I pushed him off the cliff and I walked safely home.

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