The Kingdom

May 13, 2010
Hard as we tried we couldn’t make it over the wall. Then it struck us. Why didn’t we think of it before? We had magical abilities, so why not just use magic to break the wall down? When I tried by myself, it deteriorated only a little, but then stopped. So I asked my best friend, Zoey, to help me. We tried as hard as we could. It took all of our strength, but we finally got the wall to deteriorate completely. It was worth the effort. Behind the wall was a beautiful land. It had a graceful, flowing, 60 foot waterfall with grass as soft as a dog and as beautiful as a flawless princess all around it. Then right between where the waterfall crashed and the rock ended, there was a cave. We went inside and found millions of people just like us doing what they normally do. There were people going to repair shops to fix their pet dragon broke it. Then, there were a few that were going to a doctor because their spells backfired. There were also people going to work at the witch’s council where they make new spells and determine what spells, if any at all, can be used in the mortal realm.
“Whoa! This is awesome!” I said. “You like it?” asked a mysterious voice. I looked around but saw no one. “Zoey, did you hear that voice?” She looked at me like I was crazy. “What voice?” she asked puzzled. Then I heard it again. “She can’t her me. Only you can.”
I freaked out. “What do you mean only I can hear you? Why? Why can’t anyone else hear you? Am I going insane?” I asked. “You’re not crazy. I really do exist. You’ll find all the answers to your questions in time,” said the voice, “just follow the directions I give you to get to the castle.”
“What castle?” I asked. I looked around the area, but didn’t see anything. Then I looked straight ahead. “Zoey, look!” For in front of me was a path that led straight up a hill to the most dazzling castle I had ever seen. “Wow,” we said in unison. Then the voice came back. “I know it looks like an easy journey, but it most definitely isn’t,” it said. “Who are you again?” I questioned. “Zoey. Who else?” Zoey asked. “No, not you!” I said, but I was too late. The voice had already given the directions and left. “Well, I guess we should start heading up there.” I told Zoey. “Yeah, I guess,” she said reluctantly, and we headed off on our journey.
Meanwhile in the castle, the princess was thinking vigorously while pacing her room. “There’s got to be a faster way to get them here!” she thought. “Aha!” With the snap of her fingers, she teleported us there into the castle. “W-what just happened?” I stuttered. “I teleported you here because I thought it would be faster,” said the princess. “Well thanks for the help! I really did not want to walk all the way over here! And you are?” Zoey asked. “I am-” the princess didn’t get to finish her sentence. “She’s the voice that’s been inside my head all this time!” I interrupted. “Yes, that’s correct. But I’m also the princess and your sister. Zoey is our cousin, and this is the place that you were born and are now going to help me rule!” the princess told me. Zoey and I stared at her with gaping mouths. We were speechless. “Come on. You don’t want to miss your coronation do you?” said the princess. “I guess not,” I said. Then I grabbed Zoey’s arm and pulled her to the coronation. She was still in shock. From that day on, we were queens of the kingdom and everything was happily ever after.

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awsomeninja said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 4:05 pm
The sentence that makes no sense is supposed to say, "There we people going to repair shops to fix their wands because their pet dragons broke them.
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