The girl behind the window

May 13, 2010
By ZombieDanceWithMe SILVER, Rockford, Illinois
ZombieDanceWithMe SILVER, Rockford, Illinois
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“To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live”

-Victor Hugo

The sky was grey. The girl behind the window looked at it just hoping for something to happen. That’s all that she thought of anymore "Please god, just let something happen. I don’t care. Good, bad. Just something."
She hadn’t left her room for almost two months now. She had a bed, a book, a pencil and a window. The people thought that those things were all she needed. Ever since Danny left she just sat in her room. Her brother had gone, and so had all of her interest in life.

"Stop watching me unless you’re gonna make something happen" she muttered under her breath. She knew that the people watched her. There was always someone there to look at you. The place gave you no privacy, but there was nothing she could do about it for another four years. "I'm sorry little girl. All I can do is monitor your day."

It was pointless. She closed her eyes. She saw the little brown haired boy with beautiful blue eyes. She saw his small pink lips of his form a soft "don’t go." she knew what that meant. That’s what the eight year old said before he left. He didn't understand where he was going, and honestly, neither did she. But after he left, she had no more hope.
"Don’t worry, I'll see you soon, just you see. But until then, take kitty to remember me by." and there it was. The two only sources of comport for her were gone. Just like that. Hopefully soon she would starve, or dehydrate, or just die. That's the best she could wish for. And if that couldn't happen, then please have something different happen. Have a rain storm, or the sun come out, let her run in the grass, force her out of this room. Just bring a change.

A few days after the grey sky, there was a man in her doorway. "Who are you?" she said in the most lifeless voice you could imagine. It was barley a sound. Her voice didn't even go up in pitch when she asked the question.
"My name is Dr. Randy Vanengod. I hear you haven’t left this room in some time."
"No I haven't" she said, still staring out of the window. The sky was a little bluer today than usual. She was trying not to notice the man; he would just take her away, or give up on whatever it was he was trying to prove. Just like the previous men had. Dr. Thom, Mr. Steve, Even Jane. They had all given up, or at least that’s what she assumed, they never came back again. "Why are you here?"
"Why don't you turn around, maby then we can have a civil conversation."
"I don’t want to" she replied.
"Okay. I understand." That’s all he said. He moved out of the glass doorway and into the green chair next to it. This made the girl curious. Why won't he answer me? Who is Dr. Vandengod? Why did he stay here?

After trying to answer these questions and not finding any answers she turned around. She was surprised not to see a lab coat, or glasses that try to make you look intelligent, there were no black pants, No button up shirts, no ties, and no hair die. That’s what she hated worst of all, the obvious hair die. If you’re not young, don’t try to be.
"Call me Randy. If you would like" he said after the girl was done examining him. He was tall, with worn out jeans on. He was kind of pudgy, probably in his early 60's. His hair was graying, but it was still mostly brown. Light brown, not dark like hers.
"Randy" she said very softly "Why are you here?"
The strange man let out a low chuckle "because Alice, you need a friend."
This struck her as odd. He knew her name. Why?
"What’s bothering you Alice? Is it your brother?" the man in the Blue sweater sitting in the chair next to the glass door said.
"How do you know who I am?" she said. This time, with tone in her voice. But she already knew the reason to this question. It’s because he cared, and he asked the people who watch her all the time.
"Do you want to talk about him?" He asked. "Come over here" he said, patting his lap. For some reason, he trusted her.

The girl from behind the window lifted the grey sheets. The air was cold, she liked it. It was something she hadn't felt in such a long time. She pushed herself up off of the bed. Now Alice was sitting up, just a skinny girl with long knotted brown hair, in a sleeping gown three sizes too big for her sitting in her bed, about to touch the hard white floor for the first time.

As she hoists herself up to get on the floor and walk over to the new man, he held his breath. Her feet touched the ground. She stood there for a few seconds, amazed that she could still stand, then, she took a step. She took two, three steps even! Lifting her left leg up, ready to take her fourth and something seemed to trip her. She fell to the ground, scraping her knee.

The pain in her leg hurt enough to bring tears to her eyes, but not enough to cry. Randy was there on the floor in an instant.
"It’s perfectly fine to cry sometimes" he said, just waiting for a tear to fall. She sat there for a moment, and then she started to cry.

When Alice was able to stop pouring all of her emotions out onto the cold floor of her room she looked up at Randy Vandengod and said the biggest, most meaningful words she could think of:
"Mr. Randy, Will you show me what’s outside of that window?"

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on Apr. 5 2011 at 10:59 am
singingdetective SILVER, Sugar Land, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Out of a world of laughter,
suddenly I am sad.
Day and night, it haunts me,
the kiss I never had"
--Midsummer by Syndey King Russell

"Chances lost are hope's torn up pages"-- "Chances" by Five for Fighting

omg... that's beautiful.... I started crying near the end... wow... it's really left me in awe. I like the subtle messages within it. Great job! :D

on Dec. 2 2010 at 6:00 pm
ohdamnitsnico, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
0 articles 0 photos 14 comments
this is really good! && it drew me in from the beginning. you give good detail and description too its not like those stories with bland details that make you wanna stop reading haha. good job keep writing! :)

on May. 18 2010 at 9:10 pm
Candyhoneyangel GOLD, Pequannock, New Jersey
11 articles 0 photos 5 comments
Wow this is awesome! I haven't seen any stories on this website as intresting as yours. I want to know more, could you post the next part if there is one? Thanks! Keep up the good work, you sould be a famous writer one day if you wanted too. Good luck!


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