Strange Object (My Opinion of what would happen if a Acient Civilization found a Hershey's Kiss) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

May 12, 2010
I came across a strange object today. It was a small parcel made in a strange material. It was metallic and shiny. Its reflective surface gave no hints to its identity. A strange slip was sticking out of the top of it. It was similar to the material that created scrolls of but it was far too thin and flexible. It was so thin it was nearly transparent. There were where strange markings that I shall attempt to write. “KISSES”. Is it the producer of the strange object? On the other hand, it could be a tribute to a god by an unusual civilization. I fear we will never know. I pick it up. It is smooth to the touch yet on some parts, it is covered by tiny crevasses. As I pull on the slip, the metal starts to peel away with a strange “crinkle” sound. A strange dark brown object unchanged in shape yet not color lies on the metal skin. It emits an aroma similar to cocoa beans. I break a tiny chip off and drop it near a mouse. It consumes it and it appears healthy. I observe it and after concluding that it is not harmful, I try some myself. I can only try to explain the experience. A rich wave of sugar, milk, and cocoa (which I am even surer about after tasting) envelop my tongue. It is like a heavenly kiss. Perhaps that explains the name. I pop the rest into my mouth and a strange sensation occurs. It starts to melt and my mouth is completely coated in the wonderful substance. As I shallow it a dark realization occurs, it is gone. All that remains is the skin, which looks empty and worthless. All I can do is pray that somewhere, in some time perhaps these wonderful creations exist elsewhere. I know that even if I tell my colleagues they would not believe me, so perhaps I shall keep it a secret so that if someone else finds one, I shall convince them to give it to me.

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