Not Fine.

May 12, 2010
By , Hartland, WI
You enter the doors of school and a sign says, ‘Welcome to Arrowhead!’ in bright colors; but not one student wil turn to look at you and say the same thing. Fine.

You sit in class and the teacher smiles warmly at you and then says to get in groups of three for a project. Turning your head left and right, you desperately look around but no one returns your desperate stare. Fine.

Lunch comes around and your one, and very close friend, is sick for the day. Nervously you bite your lower lip and think quickly where you should sit. When you end up at the end of someone else’s table, all the girls glare, snickering at you being lonely. Fine.

You decide to bear with it. Maybe there is a God that will bear karma in mind and grant you with loads of trusthwothty and cool friends…but maybe not.


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