Fair Terror

April 27, 2010
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Fair Terror

Muffin and Cupcake are best friends. They run in meadows, sing about their feelings, and watch gorgeous sunsets. One day, in Yabble Dabble Moo Moo Paw He Ha Ha, Muffin and Cupcake were at the Fair. They were sitting on a shelf eating sugar and watching people go by.

“Cupcake?” questioned Muffin “do you want to go on an adventure?”

“Oh yes!” replied Cupcake excitedly “we would have a lot of fun and see new things!” she giggled.

“Let’s go!” shouted Muffin.

And that’s how their adventure began.
There they were walking in the petting zoo looking at the horses. They were looking at a white stallion when they noticed a food tray that was filled to the brim with broccoli. As the person sat the food tray down, a piece of broccoli was moving.

“Oh no!” whispered Cupcake quietly.
“What’s wrong?” questioned Muffin.
“It’s Broccoli, he’s a very bad man and he wants me all to himself,” she replied still quiet.

“Don’t worry Cupcake, I’m your friend and friends are there to help you!” Muffin said. “I’ll always be here for you.”

“Aw thanks Muffin,” replied Cupcake smiling. That’s when Broccoli jumped out of the food tray.

“He he he ha ha Ha Ha HA HA HAA!” he laughed hysterically. “Well if it isn’t my little Miss Cupcake,” he said while his lips curled to show a sickening smile. “I missed you for such a long time and I was wondering if you wanted to be MINE! HA HA HA!” he smiled with his lips still curled.

“I don’t like you at all Broccoli!” shouted Cupcake. “Your mean, ugly, and you don’t brush your teeth!”

“That’s not a nice way to talk to your man. CUPCAKE!”

After Broccoli said those last few words Muffin whispered to Cupcake.


So, they ran like the dickens and hid behind a big bush.

“Is he gone?” whispered Cupcake

“I don’t know Cupcake, am I gone! HA HA HA!”

“Run! Cupcake! Run!” yelled Muffin while Broccoli was hot on their trail.

“I know what to do,” said Muffin out of breath.
“What?” questioned Cupcake breathing very heavily.
“Let’s hide out in the Sweet’s Stand right over there; we’ll blend right in with the non living cupcakes and muffins.
“Ok,” replied Cupcake “ I’ll trust you again unlike last time, with the go hide in the bush incident.”
So, they ran up to the top of the Sweet’s Stand and blended in with the others and were not noticeable.
They waited patently and Broccoli came singing “Oh where oh where did my sweetie go…” Broccoli sang as he grabbed a non-living cupcake and ripped it in half. “Don’t worry Muffin I’ll share her with you, I get half and you get the other!” he said darkly.
“Nooooo….” said Cupcake as she cried “No Noo Nooo!”
"Cupcake! Don’t worry I’m here and it will be all right.”
“Thanks Muffin.” Sniffled Cupcake
Broccoli then ripped five more in half and gave up. They listened until they couldn’t hear his steps anymore. Muffin and Cupcake crawled out and walked on to the sidewalk and looked at the fun looking rides.


As Muffin and Cupcake were wandering through each new ride they encountered they began to forget about the deadly threat waiting out there somewhere in the park. They came up to a Ferris wheel and watched it go round and round. Then they heard a chuckle and they knew who it was. “Well well well if it isn’t my little precious jewel of all sweets.” said broccoli as he grabbed Cupcake out of Muffin’s arms.

“No!” shouted Muffin.

“Muffffinn!” screamed Cupcake while she got dragged onto the Ferris wheel.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you around Muffin! Ha! HA! HA!” said Broccoli in an evil dark tone.
That’s when they started to go up and up on the Ferris wheel. That’s also when Muffin went full speed and jumped on the next cart.
“I’m coming Cupcake!” screamed Muffin, edging a little closer to the cart Broccoli and Cupcake were on.
“It looks like your friend won’t give up without a fight! Ha ha ha! I love it!” shouted Broccoli.
Now Muffin was on the same cart and stood close to the edge.
“I’m here!” said Muffin and Broccoli charged toward Muffin. At this second the Ferris wheel was at its highest peak.
“Bye,” said Muffin as he moved aside and Broccoli kept going, right off the edge falling, falling, and falling until you could here no more screaming.
“Is he dead?” questioned Cupcake.
“What do you think smarty, of course he’s dead, he fell off a Ferris wheel for cry in out loud!” replied Muffin.
Then all you could hear was the laughter of two young friends enjoying the day they just had.
Do you believe in this?

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AprilDarkness said...
May 19, 2010 at 7:42 am
Cute story, there is a lot of imagination put into this!
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