A Knights life

May 10, 2010
By , Melbourne, Australia
I am a knight. I am strong and have been trained to survive but was I really prepared for this?
The king had handpicked men who were trained to be strong and to protect, and myKnight master was one of them. We were also trained to not reveal any feelings, as that could betray our fear to the enemy, who could use it to their advantage. So when I heard that that the castle had been attacked, and I saw the gate smash open, I ran and got my armour on. The fighting had already started. Men were rushing about with sword, pikes and glaives cutting at the opposition and protecting the innocent. Lots of people were dying and I had to do something.
I rushed forward, Glaive in hand. My Glaive met an enemy’s sword. We parried, blocked, and attacked each other. After a while the man had made a fatal mistake, he flinched giving me an opening and my Glaive cut his throat. He fell to the ground, dead. I kept walking forward, not realising that an enemy’s longbow was aimed right at me. As he fired, I turned around and was hit by the arrow in my arm. The arrow, instead of killing me, only hindered me for a moment. A moment later the archer who hurt me died soundlessly. A man attacked the prince, my knight; the man didn’t have time to yell as my glaive beheaded him with an uppercut. A new enemy came and stood where the man had once stood.
His body fell to the ground with a thud, as I sliced off his hands and stabbed through his stomach. I ran forward behind an enemy knight, grabbed him by the throat and allowed my knight master to finish him off. Suddenly another arrow pierced my side. Strangely, it didn’t feel as painful as the one still in my arm; it was just a dull, throbbing ache.
I reached down, pulled the arrow out and grimaced. I had been wearing my weightless body armour beneath my clothes, so anything that they attacked me with, provided it was not made to cut through armour, couldn’t kill me.
As I ran forwards, what I saw next shocked all of us. Walking towards us was a giant. Well, not really a giant. More like a very tall man covered in muscles also covered in armour, thick as an elephant tusk, and wielding three swords with both arms, and his mouth.
We were still staring at this hideous, vile thing when he laughed and said in a very deep voice, “This is what I’ve been sent to remove???!!! HA!! You don’t stand a chance against ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

With that said, he started running at us. Lots of men threw themselves out of the way, and many were run over or killed by the giant.
In less than an hour, the whole castle and its surrounds was covered in blood, my friends’ and colleges blood. The giant had only a small cut above his eye. He came up to me and said, “Surrender and be taken in for questioning over betrayal, or die.” Even though I was shaking, I put on a determined face and said, “Never! I will fight you to the death” I lunged at him quickly and I managed to make a crack in his armour. He smiled and said, “Fine. To the death it is!”
He attacked me. I parried and blocked with little difficulty, but the giant kept getting angrier and angrier because, usually, for him, when he started to fight someone, they died in less than a minute. So, I was beginning to worry him. My glaive found an opening in his armour and I cut him that way. We kept on fighting for more than an hour. Suddenly, his sword found my leg and he slashed my leg, I saw a look of stunned surprise on his face.
All of a sudden, he realised who I was and what I was. He locked our weapons and grabbed me. “THIS IS YOUR CHAMPION, A LITTLE GIRL!!!! HA!” he yelled
I stabbed at him with my hunting knife from my boot. “I may be only a girl but I can fight like a man!” with that I grabbed my Glaive and cut his throat.
Our cheers ran through the air, I fell from the dead giant grasp and the prince came and helped me up. I couldn’t help but smile. We had sustained another victory.
But at what cost? I looked around and saw we had lost many. Those who remained were few but they were still battle worthy. But men who were saddened aren’t always the best Fighters… to be continued.

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