The Vancouver Olympics through a Georgian Prespective

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a nice June day in Bakuriani, Georgia when Nodar was talking to his son named Kevin and his daughter Ellen about his first Olympics. Kevin said "Dad where was your first Olympics?" Nodar said " Well it was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada." Then Ellen said "Dad will you tell us more about the Olympics?" Then Nodar said "Sure."

It was a nice February day when I arrived in Vancouver. I was very excited for the Olympics to start. I ate with a girl at the airport the day that I arrived. Three days later when Levan and I were leaving the Whistler Sliding Center we took the wrong bus and ended up in a place that was unknown to us. But after a few minutes a girl from our country of Georgia saw us and she helped me and Levan to get back to Vancouver.

The next day was our first training run for men's luge. I crashed at the 16th turn and I flew out of the track and struck a padded steel pole. I was knocked out for five minutes which was the worst five minutes of my life. Then after I regained consciousness one of the emergency medical people asked me" Are you alright Nodar?" Then I said "Yes I am fine." I was one of the many lugers that crashed that day a women that was also a luger also got knocked unconscious. A few minutes after my crash the luge officials suspended training for that day and they also moved the men's start to the women's start and they moved the women's start to the junior's start. Levan said to me "Nodar why did you have to crash for I cannot train anymore today?" I could see that Levan was mad at me when I saw his young boyish face turn into a mean old man's face. Like the face that you see when you go into an old man's yard. The thing that the luge officials done created a lot of controversy among the luge athletes.

That night was the opening ceremony for the Olympics. It was fun being there we were astonished when they showed the mountain and on the mountain they showed a very short video clip of luge. Levan said to me "Nodar I really love the video clip of luge and especially the mountain also." After the opening ceremony we went back to our dorm and fooled around. Me and Levan were talking to each other about what was going to happen the next day. Levan asked in an excited way"So Nodar are you excited about tomorrow?" I responded in a worried way "Well yeah I am excited about tomorrow but how about the track?" Then Levan asked in a worried way "What about the track?" Nodar responded back in a even more worried way " Well you know what happened to me and a bunch of other athletes today I am afraid that the same thing is going to happen tomorrow." Then Levan said in a positive reassuring way" Nodar do not worry about tomorrow remember what Dale Carnegie said 'If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It's the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep."" Then Nodar said " Okay I guess I would try not to think about tomorrow then." Then Levan said " Good." So they slept together in the dorm.

Then the next day when we arrived at Whistler I started to get nervous. Then Felix my uncle and coach said " Remember what Buddha said 'He is able who thinks he is able.'". Then Levan and I asked in a confused way " What does that mean?" Then Felix said " it means that whenever you believe in yourself nothing can stop you from doing what you want, because the hardest thing to do is push yourself to the limit which is the key to do the best you can.. once you do so other things become just a matter of time and everything comes with time.." Then we were motivated to do well. After ten people went I was next. I went and to be very surprised I did very well. I said in an excited way when I was done "Yeah I am done!" My score was the best so far and my friend was next. After he went he got second place. When we found out our scores we were both very happy. Felix and I contacted my father in Georgia and said " Hi dad Levan and I won first and second place and I won first place!" David Kumaritashvili said " Good job congratulations I am very proud of you guys!" Nodar and Levan said " Thank you."

After we called my father in Georgia we went to the medal ceremony. When we got there it was dark outside. When we went inside the crowd that was there was very loud. At the moment when they presented us our medals I felt a sense of pride and Levan also looked proud for our country. I never get emotional a lot but at the moment that they played the Georgian national anthem I started to feel tears in my eyes. After the ceremony was done I said to Levan and Felix " We did it!"

After we were done with our event we went to our friends' events. Our friends were skiing and figure skating. When we were at their events we gave them a lot of motivation to do very well. Our favorite events out of all of the events that we watched were the events that involved our friends. I was friends with most of the people except for Allison because she was from America and she never visited Georgia. When we were at the events we cheered our team on.

Just a few days after everyone from Georgia was done in the Olympics was the closing ceremony. I loved the closing ceremony it was a lot of fun. My favorite part was when all of the athletes ran into the ceremony not caring the order that the countries went in. All of the flag bearers were inside already so when we ran inside we did not see Lason.

Then after the ceremony ended all of our team couldn't believe that the Olympics were done. We were the first team from Georgia in the Olympics sense the last winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. But everyone was excited for the Sochi Olympics. Levan said " Nodar are you ready for the next winter Olympics?" I said " Yes I am and it's going to rock!"

So that ends the story of the Vancouver Olympics. Kevin asked " How did you do in Sochi?" Nodar answered " Well Kevin I am going to share that story another day." Then Ellen said " That is so cool I want to go luging someday." Then I was praising Ellen that she is following in my footsteps.

The author's comments:
Nodar Kumaritashvili dying at the olympics and I wanted to write a story to see what would happen if he actually survived.

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