hard work

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The ipad was now available in3G. The most advanced product on the market. Already the hottest thing you can buy. Every person in line to buy ipad. The ipad able to do anything you want. Explore the world on a whole new level. The movies in perfect HD.
When apple first announced the development of the ipad I rushed to my dad and asked him for an ipad. I got an honest harsh no from my dad. He said I needed to start learning how to earn money. I asked but dad you’ve always been able to give me money for anything I wanted. What makes this different from any other time? Its time for u to start to earn money your own way hard earned. There are some jobs to do around the house I’m sure if you work hard for a couple of months you’ll have enough money to buy your ipad. But dad working wasn’t made for me. Dad why don’t u just buy me one online and then ill pay you back. No! Carlo you have three months to earn about thousand dollars. So if I were you I would start to save soon.
Sp I started washing the car, cleaning the house, cleaning the pool, the tree house and many things. After a month that my dad said he wouldn’t buy it for me I have already gathered three hundred dollars. I started moaning the yard, cleaning my neighbor’s houses and getting the extra cash I needed. The second month I made another three hundred dollars so I was on good pace to earn about a thousand dollars. It was a lot of work to earn this much money. Finally the 3rd month I saved up four hundred dollars. Adding the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd months I saved I saved up about thousand dollars of pure harde earn money.
Today was finally the day when the ipad came out. I woke up early that day to be one of the first in line to get a ipad wifi with 3G. My dad was already ready to go get it. The first thing he asked me was if I had the money. I answered of course if I didn’t I wouldn’t have woken up so early. When we got to the apple store there were only a couple of people there. When I was next in line the guy asked me which model of an ipad I want the 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. I had saved enough to buy the 64 GB model. I took out the money and paid for it. In return he gave me my brand new ipad. My dad was happy that I was able to buy it. He told me he was very proud of me because I was able to save up a lot of money without his help.
After 3 months of saving up I was able to buy my ipad. Hard work always pays off. When you really want something work hard for it and maybe you’ll get it.

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