The End

May 4, 2010
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I woke up to the warm summer sun shining through my bedroom window. I yawned with exhaustion. I knew I shouldn’t have had stayed up until one. It was ten now, and I had a feeling my parents were going to drag me off somewhere. I rolled out of bed and pulled my long brown hair back into a bun. I rubbed my bright blue eyes. All the sudden, I hear my sisters door open, and then close quietly. She walked into my room, peeking through my door, looking at me. I smile, and I mumbled,


“Hi,” she replied.

It was funny how she did this every morning on the weekend. Molly came in and sat on the edge of my bed. Her long light brown hair fell across her face.

“How long have you been up?” she whispered. Her greenish blue eyes looked into mine.

“Uh, I actually just woke up.”

“Oh, wanna go eat some breakfast, and watch TV?”


I then smiled and got out of bed. Our house was quite huge, and it was fun to explore through the house when you were half asleep. We lived on the beach in California. The sun was always reassuring, warm, and I had a great tan. I got out of my big comfy bed. It was the kind of bed that you had to get a running jump to get into. My sheets were white, with neon polka dots. As I descended my way downstairs, as usual there was my breakfast all ready. Orange juice, scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, one piece of toast, strawberry, grape, and apple jelly. There was ketchup too, I always put a little on my eggs, and some on my bacon. Molly has the same, but her usual is a bagel with creamy cream cheese. We sat at our big dinning room table. It was long elegant pieces of wood, that were a creamy color. Those made up our table. Over our table there was a fancy chandelier, made up of the most fine crafted diamonds in the world. My parents invested a lot of money in it. I’m guessing its worth a billion dollars! We had the big flat screen playing. Of course the usual was on, spongebob squarepants. We finished our breakfast, and are parents came through the door.

“Hello dears, how are you two?” they both said.

“We are doing great, we just woke up like fifteen minutes ago,” said Molly and I.

“I see, lets go for a ride. To the beach perhaps?”


We got dressed and ready in about thirty minutes, I didn't bother straightening my hair because we were going to the beach. We got into the convertible, and drove about five miles. We arrived to this little beach that nobody was at. So we had the whole beach to ourselves, all day. The beach was about one football field in size, and had lots of pink flowers lined across the ocean grass. The water was a bright blue, and you could see the harmless fish swimming. Their colors were endless. Blues, greens, reds pinks, and yellows. I think I even saw a rainbow fish; it was almost as if we were on a tropical island. I had just got my new bathing suit yesterday. It was some designer one. Mom had handed me a catalog, and told me to pick out the one I liked best. Molly picked one too. We took off our clothes, and flip flops and ran to the warm water. We swam all afternoon, until we were so hungry we had to get out. For lunch we had turkey, and cheese sandwiches with ice tea. It was so refreshing. After we had finished lunch Molly said to me,

“Hey, do you want to tan for an hour, or so?”

“Yeah, sure, I would love too.”

We got out a big blanket out we had brought, and laid on out stomachs first. We set an alarm, as loud as it could go, just incase we fell asleep. Thirty minutes later I heard this loud “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!” Molly turned the alarm off, I had fallen asleep.

“Ashley, Its time to turn over.”


We turned over and started to tan again, I couldn't fall asleep because the sun was bright in my eyes. One hour had passed, and Molly and I both got up. We saw somebody walking towards us. He approached us with a smile.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I said back. It was Derick from school.

“So what are you doing here?”

“We are just hanging out at the beach today.”

“Great, do you mind if I come for a swim with you guys?” I watched as he gestured to our bathing suits and to the ocean.

“Yeah, sure, of course.” I watched as his perfect soft light brown hair fell across his beautiful brown eyes. He took off his shoes, socks, and asked,

“How is the water?” Molly let me get this one, she new I liked him.

“The water is amazing! It feels like your in the Caribbean.”

“Okay, awesome.”

Molly and I started to put out tanning stuff back, and Derick took off his shirt. I tried not to freak out at his four perfect sculpted abs, and perfect chest. Derick wasn't like super buff man, he did have a cute soft tummy, but he did have abs. Instead I just pretended to busy myself with my bracelet, and tried not to stare. He walked up to me and giggled, his same laugh. He took his arm and placed it around my shoulders, He smelled good, and he had perfect arms. I watched as he took my hand and placed it in his. When we approached the water, he untwined his arm from my shoulders, but still held me hand.

“Ready to dive right in? He said.

“Um do you want the truth?” He laughed at this, and then said,

“Okay we will go in slow, but I’m not letting go of you.”

As we waded our way into the water I noticed Molly looking at sea shells up on the rocks. I figured she was going to leave me alone with Derick. I wasn't dating Derick, but I liked him. People said at school that he liked me too, so I only hoped that he did. Finally he pulled me closer to him, he was practically hugging me.

“Now are you ready to go under? Your hair hasn't gotten wet at all.” He said

“Sure, fine.” I laughed

“Okay then, I will”

He pulled me under really quick so I wouldn't change my mind. It was funny cause I saw the fish swimming franticly with all the commotion. I felt the warm water indulge of my whole body. It was if it were purifying my soul. He pulled me back up and we were both dripping wet. His soft, light brown hair had now turned a dark brown. The water dripped off his bangs and dripped down his face. He was a god, I’m telling you. Derick looked at me the same way I looked at him. I then realized what I had looked like when he described it to me. Dark brown hair, water dripping down my whole body, and my bright blue eyes almost shimmering.

“You look like a goddess, he murmured.

“You look like a goddess too.” I giggled

We both laughed and stayed in the water for a few more hours. We playfully splashed each other and giggled. He then asked me,

“Ashley, do you like me?”
I was shocked to have him asked me that. With some hesitation I replied with,

“Yeah I do like you, a lot, actually. Do you like me?” I blushed.

“Yes, I do like you, a lot.”
Derick looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes, with his perfect light brown hair falling just shy of his eyelids. He looked at me in the way that shows deep affection. Derick has looked at me like this before. We both just stood there in the water, looking at each other, smiling, and blushing a little. He asked me,

“Well, we both really like each other, and we are in the water right now, enjoying ourselves. I have wanted to ask you something for a long time, but I didn’t know what you would say....”

“What was it that you wanted to ask me?”

“Well, um do you want to go out with me?”
I was so amazed! My dreams were coming true!

“Yes, I would love to.”

“Thats great”
We both smiled and just kind-of stood there. He then leaned toward me and we gave each other a quick hug. It was getting cooler, so we got out of the water.

Derick said his goodbyes and Molly, and I got back into our parents convertible. We slid onto the comfortable leather seats in the back. As we drove off, I let the sea breeze blow through my hair. It felt like little pieces of heaven were touching my face gently. My parents asked me,

“So did you guys have fun today?” said Mom
We both replied with “Yes”

“Ashley, who was that boy you and Molly were swimming with?” asked Dad.

“Oh, he is a boy thats in my grade, he’s my friend.”

“Oh okay, well he seems nice”

“Yeah he is.” I said smiling.

I pulled my ipod out of my pocket, and cell phone. I put my earbuds in and put on my favorite song. I started texting Derick. We started talking about how much fun today was, and how warm the water was. Derick also started talking to me about how happy he was to finally date me. We were perfect together. While in the middle of texting I got a forward from my friend Emily. The message read, “Horrible things are going to happen to you if you don’t forward this message. One, you could have bad luck in relationships for ever, or you could die in the next week.” I knew these messages were dumb, so I didn't forward it. We rounded a corner and I swore I could see god. All of a sudden my dad slammed on the brakes, and the whole car flipped. We were up on a hill, so the car swerved off the road, and rolled down the hill. We were doing forty miles per hour. My sister screamed at the top of her lungs, and my mom screeched like those hawks that fly in the sky. Dad bellowed,
“Hold on!”
I didn't know what to think, the few things that ran through my head were, “Am I going to die? Will I ever see my family again, or Derick? What about my friends? I should have forwarded the text, its all my fault. I went out like a light, when the car landed upside down with a huge “THUD”. It was the worst five minutes of my life, and the last, so I thought...

I woke up at the bottom of the hill. The ditch we were in, was covered in car parts. I looked around the car, we were upsides down. My mom went threw the windshield, dad was just laying there, and I couldn't find molly. I dragged my self out of the car, it hurt deeply because there was a giant gash on my arm. I also realized that my ankle was broken, and I was very dizzy. I grabbed my compact mirror and looked at myself. I was terrified. My face was a ll cut up, and I had a huge gash right on my temple. Blood was oozing from it. I was disgusted and put the mirror away. When I made my way out of the wreckage, I saw Molly. It was terrifying. I will never forget what she looked like. Blood everywhere, and she was thrown on the ground. She had been tossed out of the car like a rag doll. She was moaning, a horrible moan.

“Molly, are you okay?”
She turned over and looked at me,

“Ashley, please Ashley, save me!”

“Its okay, its okay, your going to be okay.”

“I can see god’s face”

“No, no Molly stay with me don't go! You cant leave me! Molly?”
She whispered to me something that broke my heart completely.

“No, its okay I see mom, and dad. There are telling me you will be okay, and don't worry.”
I was already in a panic, now realizing that my parents were dead, and the fact that my sister could see them, sent me a very strong message. She was going to die too. She then slowly stopped breathing, I felt her pulse just stop. She had died. There in front of me, in my arms.
I started to cry miserably. They were shoulder shaking sobs. The tears flowed from my eyes heavily, as if it were a water fall I was producing. I franticly grabbed my cell phone and called Derick.

“Derick! Derick! I was in a car crash, and my parents and sister are dead! Please hurry! Please!” I half sobbed, have screamed.

“Oh my god! Yes, I will be right there, and call the police!” he said quickly.

“Okay. Come quickly please!”

“I will, don’t worry,” he said reassuringly.

I dialed 9-1-1. The operator answered and I was franticly screaming that I had been in a car crash and my family was dead.
“Please help me, I have been in a crash!” I yelled

“Okay calm down, were are you?” calmly said the operator.
I looked up and saw that I was on Avenue bend.

“Avenue Bend,” I said

“Okay help is on the way. Please stay calm, and stay were you are. I will stay on the line with you until help arrives.”
A few minutes passed. I suddenly heard the sirens of the ambulance, and police cars.

“The police are here, I'm okay”

“Okay, take care” she said warmly.

“Thank you,” I cried with happiness

“Your welcome”

I heard the sound of Derick screaming my name, and calling after me. The police did a tuck-n-roll down the side of the road to get me. Derick dove down the side of the road and saw me. His face was astonished; of course, I was to when I saw myself. The police were asking me questions, and asking me if I was hurt anywhere. I told them that my head was killing me, and I thought my ankle was broken.

“Get the stretcher, I don’t think she can walk.” Said one man.

“Yes, sir.” Another barked.
Suddenly, Derick, and some EMT’s were helping me onto the stretcher, and telling me to calm down, because my heart rate was insane. From all the blood loss, I was feeling groggy, and wasn't staying awake very well. I could start to see a bright white light. It was beckoning me to come closer.

“NO, ASHLEY NO!” screamed Derick.

“Hey Ashley you stay with us! You hear me? Stay with us!” yelled the EMT.

“But the light is so pretty,” I mumbled

“There’s mom, dad, and Molly,” I slurred.

“No, Ashley! Please stay with me! I love you so much, your an amazing person!” Derick screamed.

“You cant die now, your only sixteen,” he cried.

I heard him say those words, and I started to see my sister Molly whisper to me. “Don’t leave Derick Ashley. You will see us again. We love you.” Thats all she said suddenly and then disappeared, and the white light left. I conquered god, and fought to stay alive. The last thing I remember saying is, “Okay Derick, I love you too. Don’t worry I won’t leave you.”

Everything went black, but I felt Derick’s hand in mine.

To Be continued.

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