May 4, 2010
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Four paled-skinned humans stood clustered around each other outside a metropolis’ large steel gate connecting the oversized granite walls protecting it from unwanted visitors.
The human out up front, a very tall moderately built man with shoulder length black hair and equally dark eyes, dressed in dark leather covered in red runes of all shapes, was the first to start talking. “Interesting, the humans have gone and closed the gates.” Then a smirk crossed his face, “Keith, do me the honor of tearing it down?”
The man in the far back who had his armed wrapped around the female strode forward, his brown hair cropped short and his deep ruby eyes on the solid metal games, as his loose black gi flowed around him, “Certainly Devon.” He curled his fingers into a ball and punched the steel—it rang out and crumbled slightly but held firm.
The short longhaired woman laughed lightly, her eyes the exact same shade of red peeking out from behind her long straight red hair. She slowly walked forward, her tight clothing that looked like black lingerie pulling against her cold flesh. She ran her hand over Keith’s stomach, “Honey, that might take too long.”
“It might, Marie.” He leaned in and kissed her, Devon had immediately shifted his eyes—lovebirds, how disgusting. The fourth person, a slender to the point of being almost anorexic man with short spiky blond hair and black eyes dressed in a long black and red rube covered in cases and pouches of all sizes and numerous small rods, coughed lightly to get their attention. The two of them pulled apart a bit.
“We need in—Punching makes too much noise.” Devon held out his right hand towards the gate, a silver bracelet dangling from his wrist. “Chain Shadow!” Black lightning leaped out from his hand—with a loud crack the metal shattered and exploded inward from the barrage of electricity and massive sonic vibrations the spell had created. The three of them were always surprised every time he used his magic; the magic was far, far older than any of them had ever even heard of before meeting Devon. The kicker, the spell he used was an illusion but of such power and strength it could affect even those that perceived it false and objects.
Keith and Marie turned their heads toward Devon; it was the high-pitched voice of Marie, “Overkill much?”
Devon and Caleb both strode forward to the couple, “Come on, we need to move.” Disgusting bloodsuckers—one of the few good things humans can become.
The four stepped over the rubble only to be interrupted by a dozen guards covered head to toe in metal plates with a sword and metal shield in hand. They were charging the group from the sides.
Keith was almost instantly at a guard’s side, he was almost too fast for Devon to see, but his experience allowed him to follow the movement. He ripped the metal plate away from the guard’s neck and he sank his teeth deep into the guard’s throat.
Blood rushed into his mouth as he sucked the guard dry in just a moment, when he released the guard from his hold; blood covered his mouth and was running down his chin. The sight froze most the other guards, but four of them continued on charging the three left in the middle of the rubble.
The first guard charged toward Caleb, his sword held high until he swung down his blade and the swing was blocked by Caleb’s arm. His sword cut through his sleeve, yet was halted against his arm unable to cut through due to the magic that filled his body. Caleb other arm came up and slapped the guard’s chest piece, “Charnel Touch!” The sound of blood splattering against metal could be heard before the man slipped and fell to the ground.
At the same time, another armored man charged Marie only to swing and miss as she ducked under his swing and darted forward, her long red hair fluttering as she moved. Her small hands slammed against opposite sides of his helmet and a loud snapping sound came from his neck, and he too crumbled to the ground.
The other two had ran at the Devon, who laughed as they swung and slashed at him, hitting his arms before he grabbed them by their wrists. “Death Touch!” The two he had his grip on suddenly went limp as blood splattered inside the armor and parts of it fell separate from the arm pieces he held in his hands. He had completely liquefied the bodies of the guards.
As he dropped the two arm guards in his hands, Devon looked around him towards where the ring of guards had been only to see all of them laying on the ground bleeding from wounds inflicted to their exposed necks. No chance of survival for any of these fools. Even if they survive and become vampires, the sunlight will kill them.
Then his gaze stopped on where Keith was standing, holding a man covered in armor, shaking trying to get free. Keith had ripped the neckpiece away from the guard, exposing his soft flesh, while the blood around Keith’s mouth flowed onto his chin as a sinister smile swept across his face, “Marie, want a bite?”

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