April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Unreliable Narrator
Bonjour, my name is Lynette (lin-net) Antoinette (an-toe-net) Fabian. I am a former model. In my glory days I would strut my stuff on run ways, flaunting the best fashion. Now a day, I work as a waitress at a fancy restaurant. I work really hard and do my best every day. But for some reason sometimes I feel like I get stuff wrong.
Manager: “Miss Fabian!”
Me:”Yes sir?”
Manager: “Hurry it up! You’re falling behind!”
Me: “Of course sir! I will sir!”
Customer: “This isn’t what I ordered!”
Manager: “Again? Ms. Fabian, get it straight! This is the 10th time you’ve mixed up an order.”
Me: (sigh) “Of course sir.”
I slug back to the kitchen to redo the order, I make sure that I write down the table number this time. Truly, sometimes boss can be so harsh. I mean, I’m not doing anything wrong.
Manager: “Ms. Fabian, don’t fail your nails around the food!”
Me: (jumps and knocks over pots) “O…oops…”
Manager: (huffs) “Clean up!”
Me: “Sorry… again.”
After a long day at work I went home and went straight to bed. The next day, I thought, would be much better. It was. The boss had called me into his office; I was sure it was about a promotion. Boss sat with a stern look on his face. I smile and waved as I came in.
Manager: “Please, have a seat.”
I took one neatly. I crossed my legs and placed my purse on my lap.
Manager: “I know that you have been working really hard,” he began. I knew I’d get a promotion. “But, Lynette, you have messed up 27 orders in the last 2 weeks. We really can’t have you working like this. Every day you mess up more and more orders. I am going to have to let you go.”
Me: “What do you mean by that?”
Manager: “You don’t have to come to work tomorrow.”
Me: “Really? You’re giving me a day off?” I hopped up to shake his hand, “Thank you so much boss.” I shouted as I ran out the door. He was so sweet to give me a day of rest. I’ll get that promotion another time.

The author's comments:
This is an unriliable narrator piece. It is pretty much about a girl that's dosen't get that she's just been fired.

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