Strange Times; Preface

April 30, 2010
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Jameson, California
October, 15. Walking out of the house, Isabella feels quite strange. She has good senses and today her senses are telling her that sometime soon, something is going to happen. She closes the house door, locks it, and then walks to her car. It is early in the morning and she must get to school. She driving along a quiet road, her radio is on low. She gets shivers.
Dallas, Texas

Jasper had just rolled out of bed and was getting ready to fly. He and his mother were setting off to Jameson, California to start a new life. Since Jasper’s father had died, his mother hadn’t been the same, she felt she had to leave everything behind and begin again with him by her side. When he was packed and ready to go, he found his mother waiting for him at the door.
“Come now darling,” she said with a sad but sweet smile while extending her hand to him, “We do not want to miss this flight.”
“Of course not mother.” He replied taking her hand tightly in his and stepping out of the open door. He didn’t even look back at his former home as they speed off into the early morning. As Jasper watched the faces of his birth place speed by he wondered about these things: how would his new home be? Would he be able to make friends? Would the people be like him? Where would he go to school? Would he have to walk or ride a bus? He hoped he’d have to walk; Jasper hated riding the bus. All these unanswered questions speed through Jasper’s head threatening to make him dizzy.
Jasper turned and looked carefully in to one of the rear-view mirrors to spot his mother’s face. He looked keenly at the women who had given birth to him and felt a great depression wash over him. She looks so sad he thought to himself. He could only imagine what this was like for his sad mother; he promised himself and his dying father that he’d take good care of her. As they neared the airport Jasper kept wondering what it would be like.
Jasper had never been out of Texas in all of his life. To him this would not only be a change but an adventurer. Soon enough Jasper and his mother were on the plane for their new home. He looked childishly out of the window as his mother got some rest. He would glance at her from time to time to make sure was okay. The only things she had told Jasper before they moved about their new home, was that it was in California and that she had already bought a beautiful house there.
She told him that there were parks he could probably walk to and that she had already enrolled him in a school. She told him that she had a job interview the next day and that she’d grown up in the neighbor-hood where they’d stay. She told him it was a good place and that she needed to be there. She told him that she hoped he’d feel the same and then she had hugged him tightly, he could feel her cheeks dampen with tears. He’d hugged her back tight and told her he knew he’d love it just because they would be there together; which made her cry harder. When the plane landed the sun was fully up and they were in a cab ready to go.
…Jameson, California
The cab pulled up to a white two-story house with a big brown door with gold trim. Jasper stood on the curb in astonishment. It was brilliant he thought to himself. It truly was. He couldn’t wait to get inside and explore. Through the rest of the time spent he and his mother got situated by putting things in place. It was still pretty early to him, though, it was noon. His mother called to him while he was gaping at the room that his mother had said was his now. He shook his head when he heard her and ran down stairs. She was in their marvalis marbal kitchen.
“Jasper?” she said as she put up old dishes, “You can go out and explore if you’d like now.”
“It is alright mother,” he said, “I want to stay and help.” She walked to her and hugged her waist.
“You are a young boy,” she coaxed, “I will finish this and leave you something to do if you would like. But you must go out and play. It is not good for a child such as you to not play.”
“But-?” Jasper began to protest but his mother put a finger to his lips. She walked over to her purse and pulled out a box.
“Here.” She said sweetly, “I bought this for you.” Jasper took the box then looked up at his mother. “It is a phone.” She said simply. “My number is already in there, number one on speed dail. For if you get lost or need anything. Just call.” Jasper opened the box. Inside was a small matalic blue cell phone. It was a flip phone and it had a camera. He looked up at his mother bright faced, hugged her again in thanks, then ran outside.
At lunch break
Isabella drove speedily down the road; she only had couple of minutes to find a place to eat, go to pick up her uniform, and then head back to school. As she speed along that feeling of something happening nagged at her. She became a little fidgety and distracted. She didn’t see the boy about to run into the street. She screamed and the car came to a hard stop. She jumped out of the car not bothering to close the door; the boy was on his back.
“Oh! Great lord! Are you okay?” she cried kneeling by the boy
“Urge!” said the boy, “Yea-yes. I am fine.” he said getting up
“Are you sure?” she cried “I didn’t hit you?”
“No.” he said, “you just scared me.” He laughed a little.
“Thank god you’re not dead.” She said sighing. He laughed at her relief. She helped him up and offered to ride him home but he refused.
“I want to see some places first.” He said. Bella thought for a minute, and then after two minutes she decided food could wait.
“I’ll show you around.” She insisted. The boy got in the car and let her show him around. “So, you’re new here?” Isabella asked.
“Yea- yes. My mother and I just moved here this morning.” He said staring out of the window. “May I ask what your name is?”
She glanced at him.
“Isabella.” She said, “Isabella K. Jones. And your name is?” she asked glancing at the boy. He stared at her then put his head down as if he was embarrassed.
“It-it is Jasper. Jasper K. White.” He replied.
End of preface

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