April 30, 2010
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Cassie Jewels is what some would say is a normal or an average teenager. But, in her mind that is not the case. Cassie is a systems kid or an S.K. You know, a system kid? The kids that were given up or just put into foster care? Well, anyway, Cassie is also a split case. A split case is when a child has a split way of seeing things, in other words, you could say she is bipolar or just plain crazy. Cassie has a mixed heart due to her being a split child; she always dwells in a ray of self hate and self pity. Yet, Cassie is (most times) a very warm, very sweet, and affectionate girl. Cassie is now seventeen years old. This is her story.

“Kitty? Kitty! Come out come out where ever you are!” yelled Cassie’s newest tormentor. Cassie ran faster, cutting through sharp bush. “Kitty!” the man yelled. She was not about to stop for him. Not now, not ever. Cassie knew just what would happen if she did and that was not anything good. It never was. Cassie flew on like a bird feeling as if her feet were never touching the ground. She made a sharp turn on to her street. She knew she would make it this time. She was almost to the house when something very hard and very big thrashed into her side.

“Ah! No!” She screamed as she thrashed and kicked all the while hitting nothing. He had her. ‘Where did he come from?’ She wondered and then she saw it. ‘Dang it!’ she thought ‘He skipped through the L lanes’. The man seized her and secured her arms and legs under him as he rolled and pinned her down on her back.

“Ha.” He said with a devilish grin, “Caught you.” Cassie steered under him.

“Ahraaa!” she screamed to his face, brown eyes blazing. ‘I can’t believe this. He is actually still out here and now he’s going to get a second chance at me’. “Ahraa! Someone help me! Help me!” Cassie screamed. Though, she knew that no one would. No one ever did. She thought; ‘sad’.

“Why is it that you run from me baby? Is it because you know I enjoy the chase?” The man asked in a taunting raspy voice. He tightened his grip on her as she tried and failed to wrestle him off. He leaned down in her face, tracing his nose from her chin to her forehead. She shivered in disgust and fear. Then, suddenly, she was free. His grip no longer bound her and his weight was no longer on her. All she heard was a sharp crack and his screech of pain. It happened so fast that she didn’t react at first. She had to lay there and blink for a while as the man cursed wildly. Cassie looked up. On her side stood a young man (near her age) looking all sorts of angry. But, even with his face contorted with rage, Cassie saw him as a heavenly hero. He was lean and muscular, like a lion. His eyes were the fiercest blue she had ever seen. He had jet black hair and brows and he was also quite tan.
“Touch…her…and-die!” He practically growled. He quickly bent down and grabbed Cassie’s wrist, she didn’t struggle against him, and he pulled her to her feet. She tried to turn her head to see what had been done to her tormentor for him to react that way. But as she made the move the other mans strong hand gripped her by the jaw and made her face him. She stared at him in awe; she was not used to such treatment. Being saved and being checked for injuries was all new, usually, no one cared that much. His face came ferociously close to hers as he moved her head and scrutinized her face at many angels. Finally, he dropped his hand and sighed. “Good.” He said with genuine relief. “You are not hurt.” He confirmed then, he raised a beautiful brow and added; “Physically anyway.” Cassie blinked again.
“Oh!” she gasped, “Oh, no! I’m not hurt, I am fine.” She stammered.
“Good.” He said, and then he got fierce again. “Go on in the house.” He ordered. Cassie just looked at him. “Go now Cassie.” He said with more power. “I’m going to take care of this guy.” He finished walking past her. She grabbed his shirt sleeve.
“What do you mean ’take care of him’” she asked fearfully. He looked at her wide-eyed.
“I don’t mean kill him Cassie.” He said, stunned. “But, I am going to make it to where he can’t and won’t touch you again. Now go inside.” He said getting serious again. Cassie lingered but a second then did as she was told.
“I’ll wait in your room.” She called then ran in the house. Cassie’s new “mother” was well aware of what was going on, she had sent her son out there to help while she called the police. Cassie’s “mother” looked out the window intently. After precisely ten minutes, the door to a bedroom opened then closed. Cassie stared. The young man walked around the bed to the window and sat, never once turning away from her or unlocking their gaze. Cassie cocked her head to the side. The man sighed.
“What?” He said.
“Jasper.” Cassie said and walked over to him. She placed her head on his lap and looked up at him with questioning eyes.
“I sent him to the police Cassie, not the hospital.” Jasper confirmed Cassie looked at him for a moment then sighed in relief.
“Good.” She breathed. Jasper is Cassie’s “bother”. He had wanted a younger sister badly but his mother- Mary Jewels- could no longer give birth, she had pretty much been traumatized by her husband’s death and her miss-carriage after his death. Jasper was sad. Soon Mary decided to adopt because she did want another child. Jasper was to choose the “child”, when he came back with me his mother was shock (but so was Cassie). After a long talk, Cassie became a Jewels family member. She has only been living with the Jewels family for two weeks and Jasper already claimed that he loved her (Cassie) as if she had been there all her life. She liked that he felt that way. Cassie, being a system kid and not having the best life, always thought that nothing would ever go right for her. She always thought no matter what she did, no matter how hard she tried, no one would ever want her. Part of Cassie still looks for “the signs”, the ones that tell her that her time in that “home” were done and that she would once again be moved. But Jasper, he told her that that would not happen in this home. She was a part of their family for good. Cassie’s tormenter had been gone for quite some time after that day. Cassie began to relax thinking she might not see him again. Cassie had been moved around the same area or state and city for awhile. Her tormentor’s name was Antonio. He was wanted for crimes that involved girls of the ages 12-20. She (Cassie) seemed to have become his favorite “game”. She was outed her last home because of this man. But Cassie is sure now that he won’t touch her again. Weeks had past and then a month; yet, Cassie’s tormentor was not seen. She was glad. She thought she was free. She was wrong. After that month, on the first Sunday of June, Cassie was coming from the park to meet Jasper to go to a movie with his friends. Cassie was to be back by six. Cassie didn’t come at six. Jasper ran as hard as her could. He called Cassie’s name, he cried it out at the top of his lungs. He didn’t get an answer. He ran up to an ally; it was dark. He saw a small movement in the shadows and then a whimper. He knew that whimper.
“Cassie?” He called and then he heard her muffled scream. He was struck in the back of the head hard. When he hit the ground, he hit with a sickening thud. Tears ran wildly down Cassie’s cheeks. She didn’t think they’d survive. Antonio was looking to get back at Jasper for trying to turn him in. Jasper hadn’t stayed to make sure that the cops had a handle on things. Antonio had got away. He had gone to a hiding place and plotted to get back at Jasper and finish what he had started with Cassie. ‘We’re doomed’ Cassie thought to herself. Everything (their vision) went black; when Cassie and Jasper awoke they were in the hospital. Cassie awakened first. She woke to bright white lights and pains in different places. When she could focus she jumped too quickly.
“Hey! Hey, take it easy. You have quite a bit of bruises and breaks. I am Dr. Jones.” said a tall black man.
“Why-where am I? Where -WHERE IS JASPER?” Cassie jumped again and screamed.
“The boy that you were with? He is in intensive care.” explained the doctor; “He got quite a beating, but, the women…” he trailed off.
“What women?” asked Cassie. The doctor looked away from her.
“His mother,” he said.
“What about her?” Cassie pressed between her teeth.
“She’s dead.” The doctor clarified, “The man that had been beating you both killed her when she tried to save you. She had put up a great fight until the police got there. She was brought here, but before she could make it into the emergency room… she died.” Cassie looked at the doctor not really seeing him anymore. She was blinded by her tears. The doctor patted her hand and took her to Jasper’s room. There she waited for him to awaken. When Cassie told him of his mother’s fate, he cried as well, though all while he cried he told Cassie it would be okay and that he would take care of them both. They were confronted by the police who had to shoot Antonio because he was out of control. Jasper and Cassie walked out of the hospital together with their heads held high and with tears in their eyes. Later they were told that Antonio died in prison. Cassie was really free of him now. Cassie looked up at Jasper, he smiled at her reassuringly. Today is his twentieth birthday. Their mother had left him everything she owned. Cassie knew that they would be okay.
She knew that they would go on.
The End.

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