April 29, 2010
There once was a family that lived in Wuckleberry. Wuckleberry is on the leaf of the rarest tree in the whole world. That tree is called a Dungaloo. Inside that one leaf in that one town lived a family of four, Pappy, Somona, Sisly, and Patterson. This family was very odd; they all had some weird secret to them. Pappy worked with an evil scientist, Somona created her own product that always blew up, and Sisly had three eyes and could read and write at the same time. Patterson however, was the exception he didn’t have any weird interests, he didn’t blow anything up, and he was physically normal.

The Portman`s lived on Sooploo mountain. They had no neighbors and no friends. The Portman’s also always kept strongly to themselves, they didn’t like to socialize with others. This was mainly because they were always caught up in some strange activity. The Portman`s were always so busy with their work that it was impossible to even talk to each other. Patterson didn’t have any friends and hardly ever spoke he always felt out of place in his family.

One Day on his way home Patterson saw an odd creature standing behind a tree. Patterson stopped, and looked carefully by then he kept on walking. The creature kept following him, watching him closely. Patterson finally stopped and walked over. When he got over there he simply asked, “Why are you following me? Who are you?”

The creature looked at him, stood up on two legs and said “I am Harold.” When the creature came out of the shadow Patterson got a good look at him. He was tall; he had green hairy skin, and pink unruly hair. Patterson looked at him puzzled.

He asked him, “What do you want?”

Harold answered him, “I am from a distant land and I need your help.” Patterson one again looked very puzzled. He asked “What do you want from me?”

“I need a very small favor I need you to go up to your father’s lab and find the Wonkaboodle without him knowing”.

“I don`t understand what’s a Wonkaboodle and why can’t my dad find out?”

Harold sighed as if Patterson would never do him the favor. “A Wonkaboodle is the divce they used to capture me from where I came from and I need is back in order to get home. And if you dad finds out he won’t give it to me, I need to get home.”

“I really don’t think I`ll be able to get it that lab is heavily guarded. It would be impossible for me to get in.”

“Patterson if you don’t get it for me I may never get home. The battery on the device only lasts a couple of weeks and time is running out!”

Patterson thought for a moment and then he decided that he would help Harold. But he had absolutely no idea how to get the Wonkaboodle. They only way he could think of is to lie to his father, this was completely against anything that he would ever do. But in order to send Harold home that is what he`d have to do. As soon as he got home he immediately went upstairs and made a plan to get the Wonkaboodle. After three hours he devised a plan:
Sneek into the lab and ask to see dad
Pretend to get lost and find the Wonkadoodle
Get the Wonkadoodle and run out

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