A Lasting Altercation

April 28, 2010
By sugarhigh SILVER, Fresh Meadows, New York
sugarhigh SILVER, Fresh Meadows, New York
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It was a warm afternoon when a young stranger knocked on my door. She seemed harmless, so I let her in. I could tell she was from a good family as she sat down with her legs crossed and her shoulders squared, wearing an all to familiar school uniform. I was correct about her going to the Academy. She was looking for my granddaughter. "I need to tell her something really important. It's about one of her friends. Oh, and I am Clairece" The girl said quietly. I frowned slightly as I said "Unfortunately she isn't here right now." Clairece frowned with a sad look. "But why don't you stay and have a cup of team, Maybe she'll return by the time we are finished." I said warmly with a smile. She seemed as though she would turn down the offer, then she looked up and returned my smile. " Thank you. That sounds wonderful."

So we sat and we talked, we even laughed a little bit. She told me about the Academy now and I told her about what it was like when I went there back in the 50's. Then Clairece started looking at something, and said "Is the person in the picture you? She's very beautiful."I was confused for a second until I looked at what she was talking about. "oh no dear. That was my best friend in high school."vI say a hint of sadness in my voice, with a saddend expression. "Did something happen?" She asked with concern.

It takes me a few moments to answer her becaus images are flashing through my head, scattered images. Me and my friend laughing outside with our uniform coats on, me crying her hand around my shoulder, me shouting at her, finally her stroming away from me as rain falls. "You don'y have to tell me, if it's personal, it quite alright." Clairece says quietly, bringing back to reality. "No, it's ok. It was right before graduation in our senior year, me and her got into an altercation" I chuckle "i can't even remember what it was about. But neither of us wanted to reconcile and apologize. Graduation came and we went on our separate paths, never for them to cross agian. I loved her with all my heart. I've always wanted to go back and just apologize, but now it's too late. Our lives are almost over."I end my story, a tear falling hitting the carpet. "It's never too late to apologize. Love is something that can never fade. I think that if you still love her she also still feels the same. She probably feels regret over not saying sorry, just like you do. Maybe all you need is a little push from someone?" Clairece says as she wipes her unshed tears, her sympathy, her compassion is comforting. "I think that you just gave me that push." I say as I give a quiet laugh.

"it doesn't look as though she's coming home anytume soon. I think it's best for you to go, it's getting late. i don't want your parents to worry. " I say as I stand up to clear the coffee table off. "Thank you so much for your kindness" Clairece says graciously. "No, thank you" I whisper.

Not long after that I paid a visit to my dear old friend. She was in the hospital, this I knew because one of my granddaughter's friend was the grandaughter of my dear old friend. It was a rainy day that day. I brought the same umbrella I had the fatefull day of the argument, as a sort of reminder, I don't know of what exactlly though. All the way to the hospital I thought of all the good outcomes of my visit. Friendship would not only be rekindled but we couls make up for lost years,I could tell her about what happened after high school ,we could exchange stories. But the outcome of my visit wasn't what I excepted.

I went to the hospital but there was no one to visit, no one to apologize to, she wasn't there anymore. She wasn't here on earth anymore. I wsited too long, I couldn't make it right. Now I live with a hole in my heart of what could've been if I just apologized
Her beloved family tells me all she talkedd about in the last days if her life was a friend who would come to apologize to her and make amends with her. I never came while she was alive. She died with a hole in her heart and now so will I. I can never be at peace with myself. I didn't go to her funeral, she wouldn't hae wanted me there. I caused her too much painn while she was alive, but so has she, she has caused me a lot of pain too. We never would've thought of the consequence of not reconciling all those years ago. Now the bluest eyes are haunting me. The eyes of my dear old deceased friend who's soul will never be at peace.

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