Bite Marks

May 7, 2010
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Suffering, discomfort, ache, agony. Many words to describe pain, yet none could depict what I'm feeling. A sudden burn rushes to my head as if warning me. My eyes close in fatigue. I take one last glance at the predator I used to desire. My body shuts down.

I wakeup to the noise of my alarm clock. I constantly forget to turn it off at night. I lay my hand on the side of my neck, fingering the bite marks with my nail-bitten fingers. A slight burn rushes to my head and intaugrates the hurtful memories. 1 month ago I was bitten by a vampire. A boy the I admired to the last peice of my heart. The boy that bac-stabbed and betrayed me. The boy that comforted me by saying "Don't worry, I don't bite" right before digging his fangs into my neck.

The jumbled emotions were too much to handle. I closed my eyes as a tear trickled down my cold cheek. For a second I thought, I shouldn't be in pain, I'm strong enough to handle this. By the next second I knew it was a lie.

I got out of bed steadily and looked at my bedroom mirror, hanging on the plain white wall. The bite marks made me feel nauseous. The marks a beast makes. I rubbed my eyes furiously with my sleeve and got dressed.

As I walked out the door, I glanced at my reflection, hid the marks with my denim jacket, and left thinking, "Here we go again."

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