The Bet

May 5, 2010
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Actor 1: So what are you saying? What do you want me to do?
Actor 2: What do you think I’m saying?
Actor 1: I think you’re saying that…
Actor 2: What?
Actor 1: Umm… I think you’re saying that…
Actor 2: Just spit it out. Really people don’t care.
Actor 1: I think they do.
Actor 2: They don’t, really.
Actor 1: They do.
Actor 2: They don’t.
Actor 1: I’m not saying it. Not here.
Actor 2: Fine, let’s go somewhere else then.
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: come on just say it!
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: Really, no one here cares what you say!
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: Why not?! It can’t be that hard, just say it!
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: Say it! You promised that you would!
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: Okay I’m about ready to slap you.
Actor 1: Do it, I dare you.
Actor 2: You really want me to?
Actor 1: Do it.
Actor 2: I will, really I will!
Actor 1: Do it then. Come on I’m ready for you, do it!
Actor 2: I… can’t. Don’t want to in public.
Actor 1: And I can’t do what you want me to do here either.
Actor 2: But I didn’t promise that I would slap you.
Actor 1: So?
Actor 2: You told me that if you lost you would do it. So do it!
Actor 1: No.
Actor 2: Don’t start that again.
Actor 1: *chuckles slightly* Just forget it dude, ‘cause it aint happening!
Actor 2: If you don’t follow your promise then I’m not backing up mine.
Actor 1: Which was?
Actor 2: I’m not going to your parents houses with you for dinner next week…besides it’s stinky in there dude. And last time your Dad asked me to rub lotion on his back. It was harry dude, harry!!!
Actor 1: *shudders slightly* Fine.
Actor 2: Fine as in…you’ll do it?
Actor 1: Yup.
Actor 2: Finally!
Actor 1: And you really want me to do this?
Actor 2: You’re the one who lost the bet.
Actor 1: Fine, but if I die tell my… parents dog I love them.
Actor 2: *laughs* Okay dude I will. Hurry up will you, I’m starving!
Actor 1: You wanna eat first? I know a good burger joint around the corner…
Actor 2: No. Do it now.
Actor 1: Fine, but step back.
Actor 2: *steps away*
Actor 1: You are… *sighs*
Actor 2: Yes?
Actor 1: You are smarter than me in everyway. Happy? There I said it.
Actor 2: Very happy.

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twin2 said...
May 13, 2010 at 7:56 pm
Please comment! Even if you think this was the worst thing or the best thing you have ever read, let me know! thanks :)
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