The Boy That Does Spells

April 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It was one hot summer day in June when Cory was walking to his friend Tim’s house. He had a little ways to walk before he got to Tim’s.
He was just walking, minding his own business when a dog walked up on the side of him. He stops and the dog sits down. Cory looked for the dogs’ collar. But collar, but couldn’t find anything. So Cory started to tell the dog to go home. But the dog stopped him and said
“I’m not a normal dog; I live out on these streets.”
Cory looked at the dog and rubbed his eyes.
“Did you just talk?” Cory asked.
“Yes, and we need to talk.”
“What do we need to talk about?” Cory says as he starts to walk again.
“My name is Twobit, and a few months ago some weird guy picked me up, and took me to this lab and did something to me because now I can talk, the guy that picked me up and took me to this lab I think his name was Tommy.”
“So what do you need me for?” Cory asked.
“I need you to find this lab that Tommy took me to and find the bottle that says “UNDO SPELL”, and a clean needle and give me the shot, so I can be a normal dog again.”
“Okay, there is only one lab that I know of, that has dogs in it.”
So as Twobit and Cory are walking up to the door of this lab they come to notice that the door is locked. So they go to the side and that door is unlocked, so they go in there and gets the needle and the “UNDO SPELL”, they notice that the bottle of “UNDO SPELL” is empty. So as they go to find another bottle, they hurry grab it and head out. Cory’s friend Tim shows up and walks in. And Cory put two and two together and realizes that his friend Tim is the Tommy that did a spell on Twobit. So Cory jumps up and asks Tim why he was here doing strange things to stray animals. And all Tim had to say was “it’s my job; I find strays bring them here and do spells on them.”
“What kind of job is that?”
“The only kind that a guy like me can get.” Said Tim
“Well, Cory said, “consider our friendship over, I love animals and I thought you did to. Good-bye Timothy.”
Cory and Twobit were walking back to Cory’s house when he stopped and looked at Twobit and said “Do you still want the shot?”
“Yes” Replied Twobit.
So Cory gave Twobit the shot and walked home. And Twobit walked behind him, found out where Cory lived and kept walking. A few days later Twobit showed up at Cory’s house, and Cory was so happy to see him, and everyday since, Twobit has lived with Cory.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a school project.

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