Tiko and the Magic Leaf

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Tiko is a snail just like all the other snails in the land of Talaneson. Each snail dreams of being fast. Each of them has a way. At the top of the tallest mountain in Talaneson that can make you fast. Every time they time to climb it, they slide back down the mountain. Tiko, however, has a friend that is a Raven who's name is Oreno. Tiko asked Oreno to scoop him up and fly him to the top of the mountain. Kindly, Oreno agreed to do this task. When Tiko got to the top of the mountain, he took a bite out of the magic leaf, and he slid back down the mountain FAST. All the snails in Talaneson were jealous of Tiko's ability to be so fast. Tiko asked Raven to fly him back up to the top of the mountain so he could bring the leaf to all the snails. Again, Raven agreed to do this task, but when they were about to fly, Surak, the deceiving cheetah tricked him into giving him a bite. But, as his name says it, he deceived him by snatching it from Tiko's hand and ran away to share with all his cheetah friends. This is why snails are slow and cheetahs are fast.

The author's comments:
This is my friend's story. They denied her so I deny them MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! In your face you BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway What do you think? She's only eleven but for a kid, well you know. She's a kid.

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