Blue Universe

April 23, 2010
As I walk out my backdoor and step into the dim porch light, I gaze at the gleaming winter night sky. The evening stars still shine, and the moon hangs high. I step on to the frozen ground and smile as shivers rack my spine. I love the cold, it’s one of my favorite things. The night sky is sequenced with the glowing constellations. My dog barks in protest. I look to see the new puppy pouncing around her "You're on your own." I say, laughing. I bring my eyes up to the sky, and get lost in the Blue Universe. I take off my fogging spectacles and let my eyes take on the color of the night. I pull my headphones up to my ears and let the sweet sound of music flood my ears like the Ocean tide. I dose off, and let my vivid imagination run wild... I come back to reality like an unwelcome nightmare, when a chill runs through my ponytail. I notice that I'm quietly singing Vanilla Twilight softly to myself. I'm sitting in the frozen snow. I slowly rise and brush the cold snow from my jeans and boots. I look around and see that the dogs are gone, and the light turned off. I drag myself to the door. I grip the ice covered handle and turn, but recoil as I grip my fingers. I warm them, then try again. I open the door and step on to the kitchen rug. A wave of warm air meets my face and envelopes me. My eyes are a deep royal blue and my cheeks burn. As I close the door behind me, I end my first trip to the Blue Universe.

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