What she always wanted, but never got.

April 23, 2010
By , cave creek, AZ
She walks through the morning sky. The wind is in her face. She cries for the ones she left on earth. Her heaven is where she belongs, where she wants to be. She wishes she could tell them, and say that I love you. She watches over them. Can’t they see her melody? Her soul just wants to rest, it is tired of the place of sorrow. She wants to go up and not descend down. Can’t they see that? In the end, it was her choice, to leave after all those years. They have to forgive her, for they don’t know where she is anymore. They go to her grave every April 10th, wondering if they were the cause of her departure.

No. She left by her own will. She left with her own soul. She perished on her own. It is not any of their faults, though they might blame themselves. Can’t they see that? She was in her right mind, when she put the barrel to her head. She knew what she was doing, when she pulled the trigger. She just wanted to end her pain. Was that really wrong? She was going to die anyways, everyone does. She wants them to forget her, forgive and forget. She slowly climbed down the stairs. She didn’t want this but she never got what she wanted. She is destined for hell. But she hoped they would be going up the stairs, so she never saw them. She hoped they got what she wanted. But she had learned heaven is not perfect, even though it is supposed to be. Nothing is perfect. She always wanted heaven, but never got it. She turned around, never looking back, and descended the stairs down.

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