The Child

April 22, 2010
Little child, do you remember? Do you remember what you wanted to be?
Poor child, so lost now. Somehow, someway, you wandered off the path and found yourself in the middle of the dark, dark woods. You can’t find your way back. Can’t see the lights of the road through the spindly branches. It’s only closing in on you. There is no escape.
So tired from searching, your soles worn down. The arms that brush leaves away are trembling. Exhaustion clouds your eyes. So frayed, you no longer care about the road. You just want to find somewhere to lie down and rest, even if it is in this darkness. Now, you just want to find somewhere to be.
But that’s not the whole truth, is it? Sad little child, you remember that path, don’t you? Though your heart is hardened by the shadows, you remember that light. Despite everything, you remember.
You try to lie to yourself, to tell yourself that you are fine here. That this is enough. You are too tired to move. And maybe the path isn’t even there anymore. Over and over again, the words running together in your mind. But this repetition is only proof that you are trying to convince yourself. You cannot truly believe that.
If you do not get up, the only thing that will be left to you is shadows and gentle lies. And the memory of light is clear, even though you tried to kill it.
There is only one thing to do. There is only one action that everything rests on. You must choose. You must decide if you will be lost forever, or if you will believe, one last time, in that path. Both have hardships in them, both have promises. But there can only be one. There is only one that is right for you.
You make your choice.

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