The Void

April 13, 2010
Hello, welcome to the Void. Look around you, it’s black, empty, endless, and a little chilly if I do say so myself. Hm? Why are you here you ask? Ah, well it’s simple: I, the owner of this Void, get bored, so I bring people here to entertain me. What? You say you’re not going to do any tricks for me? Bhahaha! Oh, you are completely misunderstanding this. Do you know anything about the Void besides the appearance you see here? No? That’s what I thought; now let me tell you what the Void can do.

The Void can change its shape, based on what someone imagines. Hm, you say that’s not possible? Heh, well I’ll just have to prove you wrong. Close your eyes, feel the cool, spongy grass beneath you. Take a deep breath and take in the sweet, luscious smell of flowers. Now listen, hear the soft wind rustling the leaves of bushes and trees. Feel that cool air as it blows past, moving your hair every which way. That’s it, become calm, relaxed, now open your eyes! Hmhmhmm, you see how its’ changed? Look around, the trees have a purplish-brown bark and dark blue leaves. The grass is a bright, vibrant pink. The flowers are every color of the rainbow at once; they have criss-crossing, yet translucent petals. The bushes are a lively emerald green, and the sky! Oh, that lovely crimson sky. . . Why, you look as white as a sheet! Awed by what’s before you?

I told you the Void can change; now let’s return to the neutral appearance, close you- excuse me? How does the Void do this? Uh, well even I don’t know, but I believe it’s one of those things that it does what it does and it’s better just left at that. Now close your eyes and let the empty, cold darkness envelope you. Be relaxed, and open your eyes. Um, before we continue I should tell you why we need to come back to the neutral appearance of the Void. If you are in one appearance then change it to another one that isn’t the neutral, the two appearances fuse, and they can’t be separated. You end up stuck in one mixed appearance, this is important because worse yet, you won’t be able to leave. See, this neutral appearance is the gateway to the real world, and well, as you can imagine if you get stuck in a mixed change you can’t get to the neutral one to go back. Nasty thing it would be, but now that I’ve warned you, we likely won’t have that problem. Will we?

Now how about we go to another change? Close your eyes, you feel the heat swirling all around you. It feels as if it’s rising from far below. My, the heat is quite intense, it’s singeing my hair! The ground is hard, rocky, and slanted. Without meaning to, you get a giant whiff of a sulfur-like stench. There also seems to be a trace of dung in the air, bleh. Listen closely you can hear the echo of the deafening roars from the massive creatures in the distance. Be calm, and then open your eyes. Ah, it’s a black and red world, the rock of this towering cliff is pitch black, and a red oozy substance, that dots the landscape, seems to be moving in place. The sky is a mixture of black clouds breaking up a menacing dark red sky. My, what an enormous shadow! Ah! Look over there; see that monstrous black and red dragon-like creature. Ooo, Its landing close to us! It has a snake-like body without legs and large almost fin-like wings. Fascinating isn’t it? What’s wrong? You don’t like it here? Well. . . I’m sure by now you know how to get back to the neutral change.

Yes, close your eyes, and feel the cold darkness. We’re back, now before you say anything, as I mentioned earlier, the Void can become anything you imagine. So if you didn’t like that last change, then don’t go there. Make up your own unique change, because well, that’s the whole reason I brought you here, to entertain me with your imagination. Now, I will ask you a serious question.

What will you do with the Void?

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GabeKahan said...
Mar. 15, 2012 at 2:32 pm
Abostuletly brilliant intro! But I became bored because of too much descriptions, try to keep that to a few sentences less. But incredible concept, wish I had come up with that! Great work all in all!
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