If Only This Would Happen...

April 12, 2010
The day when the sun forgets to set is the day I get excited. If the sun forgot to set one day, I would have fun with the sun. I would ride my bike, go to the beach and enjoy the outdoors when that day comes. The day would seem endless and it would seem as if it would never end. I wouldn’t go to sleep; I would stay awake and act as if the day was timeless. I would be able to hang out with my friends and my parents wouldn’t say, “It’s getting dark out, come back home.” There would be no such thing as night on that day. It would be day twenty-four seven.
On that day, I would be able to hang out with both my family and my friends. I would be able to take my dogs out for a walk whenever they want to and they would get to enjoy the sun with me. That would be the day when I get to perfect my tan. The day when the sun doesn’t set is the day I don’t get tired. I won’t get tired because I would be having so much fun that sleep wouldn’t even be on my mind. The darkness makes people sleepy but if it’s bright and sunny all day, then no one will get tired. My block would have a block party on that day and everyone would be hanging out together. On that day, everyone would be so happy that no one would to work or go to school on that day. That’s the day when the world has a massive water balloon fight. The day when the sun forgets to set is the day filled with laughter, fun, happiness and joy. That day would be the day that everyone’s troubles would disappear because the sun would make us all happy. If only that day would come then all of this would happen.

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