Love was just a playful game.

April 14, 2010
Tears rolled down her face. Mastermind never saw them. Little Girl was a pretty one. The pain he created he smiled off. He never cared. Girl cherished, loved, and worshiped him. The feelings her heart endured would have never been described. The delicate blood-pumping machine within her tiny body broke down. Who could blame a lost soul like her? Little Girl fell in love with a manipulative Mastermind. But, she was dead. Yes sir. Cold, Pale, and Lifeless . She had potential to stop Him, but unfortunately her destiny suddenly stopped when blood tickled down her throat . Mastermind would soon find another vulnerable victim. Someone to mess with. Someone who couldn't be saved.

The one Girl would could save countless lives was stored beneath a few hundred inanimate figures.
Stored for his own pleasure.

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