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April 16, 2010
If you have never stopped and looked around you, opened your mind to everything that the world truly is, you cannot pass a judgment and you cannot leave a harsh stare.

You must stare only off into the horizon, look past whatever landscape lay before you. Look through the buildings, or past the trees, for miles and miles until you start to see the world curve, and become the sphere that it is. Now leave this sphere, and go into space for awhile, and then turn around.
Look at the world, and try to find you. Look for yourself sleeping in your bedroom, walking the streets of time square, shopping in the malls of Paris. No matter how long and hard you look you will never have a single glance at your self. You will only see oceans and continents.
But let us say that there was a part of you that you could see. It is line. This line traces everywhere on the globe that you have walked or flew or driven. It traces your trip to work several times over, that vacation you went on last summer, and even that road trip you took with your buddies against your parent’s permission. It traces every step you have ever walked.
Some parts of this line are crowed with dots. Places like your hometown are flooded with them, and there are other places where there are just a few. These dots are everyone that you have touched while you have walked this long, zigzagging line.
Now I say “touched” figuratively. These dots, or people, can be anyone. They can be your family, your friends, that person who you cast a smile upon as you walked through the park, the boy you bully before school, or even the clerk who handed you a receipt at a gas station. All these people have seen your face. They may not know your name, but there are so many things they know about you, about your identity just by looking at you, or watching your actions, or reactions. Though only a small part, they know you, and you know them.
These people, the ones who you have left a mark upon, a dot, are you. They, these dots, are the trace, the mark you can leave on the world. If you want to change the world, make it a better place, then you can leave your mark by affecting these people in a positive way. Affecting them, and in turn, affecting the world for the better.
You must realize that in order to leave a large mark, or make that change you want to see in the world you have to affect the people of the world. These people, their thoughts, their actions, and their being, are the world. To change it, you must change them first.

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JeanGrey said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 2:35 pm
Wow...that was so amazing, so true, I pictured it all in my mind and it was awesome. You are a very talented writer!
Jynxx replied...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 7:12 pm
^completely agree with JeanGrey! the words really flowed! excellent job!
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