A Day in My Life

April 15, 2010
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A Day in My life
If you spent a day in my life, you might go crazy. I might be crazy myself. You will go back before you walk a mile in my shoe. I’ll tell you why? In the morning I have to go out and catch my food, and then I will have to work all morning too. I will have to milk a cow, and collect eggs from hens that attack me. I have to chase down my dog every morning before school. After school I will have to fishing or hunting with my brother and dad. My brother picks on me when I do not get a fish or an animal. It’s very evil of them. Then I will have to watch my little brother who cannot shut up for a minute. He does everything in his powers to get me in trouble with my mom. After that I have to do the dishes in which are a lot because we make everything homemade. The only time I get time to myself is when I do my home work. Then I go to bed and it starts all over again. So if you really want to try out my life, it will be ok with me, oh and for the love of god try it out. I need a break from it. I hope you take me up on that, hopefully.

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