The horrors of distractions and procrastination

April 14, 2010
By PwningPenguin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
PwningPenguin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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It was Monday morning.
“Your assignment will be to write a story. It will be due in a week. It can be about anything you want. Well, as long as it’s school appropriate.” Mrs. Genhurst explained.

Her students all giggled. Mrs. Genhurst was Tommy’s favorite teacher. She always encouraged him and gave him good feedback about his writing. He was already thinking about what he would write his story about the future. It would be all about robots, technology, and other futuristic things! Tommy thought about his story all throughout the rest of the school day.

At around 3:30, Tommy got home from school. He ran straight to his computer to start his story. He wrote out his heading, but then something occurred to him. “I wonder if Andrea updated her facespace about lunch.”

So he opened up the internet and went on facespace. Turns out, Andrea didn’t update her page, but Joey had! He had put up this link called, which was, supposedly, “the most LOL site everrrrrr!! ? ” Tommy decided to check it out. Turns out, that site was hilarious! He kept reading the stories on there, and kept laughing out loud. All of a sudden, he looked at the time in the bottom right of his screen.

“Seven thirty already! I need to do my homework!” Tommy sprinted away from his computer, grabbed his backpack, and ran upstairs.

The next couple days in English were lame. Tommy had to do grammar worksheets for a whole three days. After what seemed like forever, the bell rang on the third day.

“Don’t forget kids, you’re stories are due tomorrow morning!”

“Oh shoot.” Tommy thought. He completely forgot about his story. On the bus ride home, Tommy started to make an outline of his story.

“Okay, so, first Princess Sheila is going to be…OH FOR GOSH SAKE CAN YOU PEOPLE PLEASE BE QUIET!” Tommy’s thoughts were right. The bus was a tornado of sound. Any attempt of concentration was quickly demolished. Tommy gave up, and just relaxed in his seat, trying to make his headache go away. Finally, his stop came.

When Tommy got home, he got out his science and math homework, and finished that in an hour and a half. “On to that story.”

Tommy typed out two paragraphs, and thinking he deserved a break, went to play games on He beat his record in Monkey Escape twice, before he resumed working. It was 6:30. Tommy knew his mother wanted him to go to bed at eight tonight, since he stayed up watching “American Singers” last night. That gave him an hour and a half to finish.

After his fourth paragraph, Princess Sheila had found the time-travelling portal, and made a new robot friend George. Tommy was drawing a blank. This story was going nowhere fast. “Maybe if I take a break and rest a little an idea will come to me.”

Tommy lay down on the couch. It seemed more comfortable than usual. He used his hoodie as a blanket. “Ahhhhh...”

Tommy woke up with a startle. He looked at the clock, and it was four A.M.! “My story!” he worried. He crept into the computer room and thought of the quickest way to end the story that his half-asleep mind could come up with.
“But, it turned out, George was evil, and he turned around and killed Princess Sheila. Prince Luke was left trapped, for eternity.
Such a sudden ending, but Tommy didn’t care. He just wanted to go to sleep.

Tommy got a C- on that story. He always wrote stories and did projects the first or second day from then on.

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