Letters to the Dead

April 14, 2010
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Dearly Beloved,
I am writing for a reason. I hope you can see that the war is in our way. It’s an obstacle and I am sorry to say that you are not in any part of my life anymore. You were beautiful in many ways, but truly, your heart is the worst of all mankind.
You are cruel and I have never doubt that except only once. That time, I was blindly in love with you. You were magnificent and obedient. A woman you are truly fascinates me. However, you rejected my offer.
I couldn’t be shock. Truly, am I not a man of honor? Am I not a man with high status such as your self? I couldn’t be happier to find that your love belongs to that lowly peasant!
How disgraceful! The shame you cast upon your family! You, of all wrenches, should know better than to marry those savages. Have you no shame? I regret my temper, but my dearly beloved sister, there times that you and I are separated.
I will always love you and that will always be true. You are my mother’s favorite child and she had offered her blessing for your happiness.
Be well, my dearly beloved.

Thomas Livington
Duke of Penn

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