A Path she chose.

April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I have story about girl she was 13 and going places, you know? but one day she was walking home from school and she met a man about 22 wearing big top hat and long black coat he grab her shoulder told her to listen because what he was about to say could change her life. She stood there in shock, as he told her that she was about to choose a path and each path had a bad outcome, one path would ruin another persons life and one would ruin her life,he stared her in the eye and then she looked past him and saw the paths, one path showed the way to her house the other was dark and scary. See she didnt know that this was a test, too see if she could choose someone besides herself, she just wanted to go home and didnt care about the other family, well she chose the wrong path. SheRan down the one that showed her home, she ran to find her mother but when she got there her mother was dead,she had been cooking when she fell on the knife she was holding. The girl screamed an ran up stairs, to get her dad who was in his room but what she found wasnt pretty, her dad had shot himself after he had come home to find his wife dead, The girl was crying she couldnt stop, but she didstop crying enough to make her way to the phone an call nineoneone, when the police arrived and took her to the station they had some more bad news her older brother was walking home and got hit by a car. As you can tell the girl was having the most screwed up day ever, but see if she wouldnt have cared about herself her family would still be alive but no, that didnt happen, as the girl sat there at the station she looked out the window, and she saw the man with big top hat, he just looked at her grinned.

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