New Decision, Good Outcome

April 7, 2010
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“Let’s keep it,” said Alex “I want to buy some stuff with it.” Alex was with his friend, Edward, and they found money on the street. Edward wanted to donate all the money to an orphanage but Alex wanted to keep it.

“No,” shouted Edward “we have to do the right thing and donate the money to an orphanage!” Edward was determined to donate the money but he had to convince Alex to want to do the same. Alex was a very stubborn person and Edward knew it was going to take a while to convince him.

“I don’t want to donate the money.” complained Alex.

“But it’s a nice thing to do and what you want to do is selfish.” explained Edward.

“It doesn’t matter I still want to buy stuff with it.” shouted Alex while walking away from Edward. Alex decided to go for a walk around town. He past by an orphanage and saw some of the orphans and he saw how they were suffering because the orphanage was in a poor town. The more he saw how badly they were suffering the more he wanted to donate the money. Alex decided to go inside the orphanage and check it out. He noticed how there were very few beds and he overheard the director of the orphanage say how there was barely enough food. This all made him feel extremely guilty and so he ran to Edward and was going to tell him about his new decision.

“Alex are you ok?” “What happened to you?” Edward asked. Edward was shocked to see Alex looking depressed and like he was about to cry.

“Yes I’m ok but I’ve decided that we should donate the money to an orphanage,” explained Alex “I’ve realized that you were right, I was being selfish.”

“What made you change your mind?” asked Edward.

“When I went for a walk I saw the orphanage and the orphans and I went inside and overheard the director say that there wasn’t enough food or supplies for all of the orphans.” It was at that point that Alex just lost control over himself and burst into tears. “I was wrong you were right we have to do the right thing and donate the money.” Alex felt so bad and guilty for being so selfish before.

“Ok then lets go donate the money to the orphanage.” said Edward happy that Alex agreed to donate the money.

“Thank you for donating all of this money I didn’t think we would have enough things but you two young men just helped us.” said the orphanage director. Alex and Edward were really happy to hear that they helped and that they did the right thing.

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