The Way Things Are

April 7, 2010
By Anonymous

The way things used to be, I'd get under boys skin and stay there. They were obsessed with me, they needed me like a drug. It got to the point where they wanted to be with me so badly, that they didn't care how many other guys they would have to share me with. It was awful, and I reveled in it, playing them all like a queen resides over her court.
All hail the queen.
Now, I'm a shadow of that girl, too smart to be played and too beautiful to be left alone. I'm still their drug, but there are few of them, and I'm too sad, too used to it, to be played by any of them anymore. Because even the people who covet a drug pass it around once they've had their fill.
I started referring to myself as the Trophy Girl after a while, because that's all I was to them. It began, not with my first boyfriend, or even my second, but the fourth.
The first was, shall we say, T.
T was exactly what a girl would ask for in her first boyfriend. He was safe, gorgeous, dramatic, and ended it with a betrayal that I still can't talk about.
Then there was E.
E was the first one to be obsessed with me. Sad to say, I didn't know what I was doing, and I didn't break his heart. No, I mangled it. I shattered it beyond recognition.
K was a friend of E.
K was sweet to me, texted me every day, but apparently he did that to his other girlfriend too. Hey, at least I'm still friends with him.
Then there was N.
I was friends with N since fifth grade, and we got closer after my heart was ripped out of my chest by another boy. Everyone but me expected us to get together, and eventually we did. I bet Chloe still hates me for that, finally admitting that I'd liked N the whole time he'd liked me, just days after she told me she loved him.
N was the first boy, and last so far, to dump me. That is to say, he dumped me for my EX-best friend.
And then there was J.
J was a player. A smooth, gorgeous, player.
He got me to say I'd be his girlfriend in literally three days.
Apparently, I held out the longest. In the two months we were together, I dumped him four times without his knowledge, got back together with him, and he dated several other girls, named Alex, Lexi, and Alexis.
I got over J in less than a week.
But I haven't been able to seriously consider anyone else since.
I've been hurt too much.
So, yes, I am the Trophy Girl.
Cold, hard, and beautiful.
You have to work to get me.
And you probably never will.
Still, good luck.
You're gonna need it.

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