The world shattered ( prolouge)

April 7, 2010
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What are you supposed to do when you watch the whole world crumble around you, when everythng you know shatters and ceases to exist. What are you supposed to do when your entire life is laying before you in a hospital bed, crying, and telling you not to do teh same, even though you can feel the tears weliing in your eyes, and falling over the edge like a swimming pool to full of water.
"Mattey, don't cry, it will be okay." The voice that speaks to me is harsh, and he coughs, again, he reaches for my hand and the skin that touches me is cold and clamy.
"Do not tell me not to cry Darren!" i threaten keeping my voice low, "How can i not cry, when the only person i have in this world is dying!"
"I'm not dying Mattey, Don't be dramatic."
Don't be dramatic he says. That's me, dramatic Mattey making a big deal out of nothing like eternal bleeding, and a fractured spine, nothing to worry about.
Darren coughs again, and the blood that spews from his mouth is so bright against the bleahed hospital floor that a squeek escapes my throat as i look at it. i push the button that calls for the nurse.
"Mattey! Mattey!" darren is calling, but his voice is so tiny, like he's fading away, becoming a nothing. The many monitors that are are hooked to him began beeping, rapid beeping and i stare at them wondering what they mean, only one catches and holds my gaze.
It's the one monitoring his heart WHERE HIS THE NURSE! i shout inside my head as the beeping becomes rapid, fast, so fast. The tears run down my checks as Darren's grip on my hand loosens, and falls down. I quickly pick it back up and hold tightly to it
"DARREN! YOU CAN"T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! Darren please, i need you! How can i live without you, please dont leave me, DARREN!" i yell as teh beeping become one singular line of pain, as his hand grows colder and my name falls flat from his lips like a forgotten prayer. "DARREN!" i yell one last time before teh nurse bustles in, where was she two minutes ago? when she was actually needed.
i fall to the floor, teh cold, unforgiving floor and stare at Darren's lifless arm that hangs over the edge of the bed, as if reching for somthing to far away.
"I'm sorry" the nurse says above me, but i don't really hear her because my whole world just crumbled around me, my entire life just shattered and ceased to exist.

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