Cage of Glass

April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Alone, she sits in a glass cage, looking out at the world. Having lived this way for as long as she can remember, she has no idea how to break free. She doesn't know what to do anymore. Alone in her cage, uncontrollable emotions overwhelm her. Tears begin to flow, a river coursing down her face. And though her cage is glass, no one sees. No one sees, nor cares. No one but her can hear the crys for help coming from her lips. She begins franticallly pounding on the glass imprisoning her, begging to be freed. Finally exahusted, she sinks to the ground, and fresh tears begin to flow. Sitting there on the ground, imprisoned in glass, she realizes life holds nothing for her. And in realizing this, she begins wishing for something to happen, for someone to free her. Night after night, gazing at the moon, she prays and prays for release. Even death. Because in death, there is no feeling lost or hopeless. There's nothing to hurt anymore. Compare that to life, where even simple things can bring a rush of pain. As someone who feels joy so intensely, she also feels pain intensely. It's that intensity that hurts her. It's the depth of every emotion that slowly, slowly, is causing her to lose her mind. Yet, she can do nothing. She sees the world through a glass cage, wanting so badly to interact with the people passing by, though it could end in pain too. But nothing could be worse than this isolation, a solitude so comlete it kills her inside. Completely and utterly alone, she wonders why. What has she done to deserve this? This agonizing existence in a cage of glass, looking out at the world she can never be part of.

The author's comments:
On the outside looking in...

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