April 6, 2010
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“What happened?” Andrea the curator of a museum had just arrived to work when she noticed that something valuable had been stolen. The necklace of Cleopatra had been stolen and the thief took it off the mummy. Andrea remembered that a class had visited the day before on a field trip and she noticed this boy acting very suspicious. She didn’t know what to do but she finally decided to go to the school. Andrea told the security guard to stay and to not open the museum and then she ran to her car and started driving. After five minutes of driving she realized she didn’t know which school went to visit so she drove back to the museum. She looked it up on the computer of the museum and found out which school and also which grade. Now that she finally had the information she needed she drove to the school as fast as she could. It took her a while but she was finally at the school.

“Hello, I’m the museum curator and I came looking for Mr. Sanchez’s eighth grade class.”

“They’re upstairs in room 303.”

“Thank You.” Andrea was getting a little bit relieved because she knew she would get the thief. She finally got to the class and saw the necklace and a girl was wearing it.

“Hello, where did you get that necklace?” Andrea finally calmed down because after all that time she had the necklace.

“My boyfriend got it for me at the museum gift shop yesterday.” The girl was pointing to a boy in the class that obviously had to be her boyfriend. Andrea looked at the boy the girl was pointing at and noticed that that was the boy that was acting suspicious yesterday.

“He didn’t buy it he stole it!” Everyone started to gasp and everybody was shocked. The girl ran to Andrea and gave her back the necklace. Andrea walked up to the boy and asked him a question.

“Why did you steal it?” That was the one question that Andrea couldn’t find the answer to.

“I wanted to give it to my girlfriend because I thought she would like it.” Andrea just stood there shocked and didn’t even bother calling the police. She went back to the museum and put the necklace back but this time she locked it really tight. Andrea was happy that she finally found the thief and got back the necklace.

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