Random Short Story

April 6, 2010
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I knew I wouldn’t be home on time when a hobo mugged me in back of a parking lot. He was so filthy and he came from Hoboken, the city of hobos. The man took my wallet and jewelry. He also kidnapped my grandma I started chasing him with a bat yelling “You bum get back here!” I finally got tired and started thinking about how hobos could be so athletic. When I caught my breath I looked around and I saw that sixty hobos were coming my way.

“Spare some change.” They were all saying the same thing while getting closer to me. I couldn’t get out, I was surrounded. So I got the bat and screamed at them.

“What’s good now?!?” I decided to threaten them all with it and they started to back off slowly. Then I hit one of them on the foot and he cried all of the other hobos got scared and ran for the hills.

“Get a job!” I told them that because it was true they really did need to get a job.

“Stop!” my grandma yelled. “Don’t hurt them!”

“Why?” I demanded. “They kidnapped you!”

“This hobo is my boyfriend,” she said, hugging the smelly guy. I threw up.

“What the heck!!!!!!!” I fainted. I woke up to some weird noise but I didn’t pay attention my head hurt to much from when I fainted. Suddenly the hobos let my grandma go but they kept my wallet and jewelry. So I just went home with no money and my head hurting like crazy all because I didn’t go home earlier.

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