inside the body of my emotions

April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

i am inside the body of my emotions,
not knowing what way to turn,
theirs arrows of my life that do point each way,
where do i turn,
theres faults ive made,
theres doubts i believe,
there mistakes that cannot be changed,
you cant change who you are but you can change what you do,
inside the body of my emotions,
is where i find love, happiness,fears, and regrets,
passinate, sincere,unbelievable,and powerful,
inside the body of my emotions is where i need to look inside of my life,
things are hard but not easy,
its like loosing somebody or something you love and you cant find it because its hard to find,
so the deepest emotions that lie within is what you need to hold and follow.

The author's comments:
emotions are apart of you no matter if your going through a hard phase or a easy phase its something you need to control.

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