April 5, 2010
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Hey, my name is Amecari and I’m going to tell you a little story that will shock you. One day while I was on my way to school with my little sister, who is annoying, we noticed that something was different but we couldn’t tell what. When we got to school people were talking about how they also noticed a difference or maybe it was something else I couldn’t tell what they were saying because my sister was talking to me but I tuned her out. I think my sister was telling me a joke or singing or just talking to me about how she was planning a trick on me.
“Wait what did you say, did you just say you were going to spray everything I own with perfume?!?” My sister knew that I was allergic to perfume so she always threatened me with it. One time she was so hyper and being so annoying that she randomly got perfume and sprayed it on my arm; I had to be rushed to the hospital. The whole time my sister was just laughing in my head I was just thinking about how annoying she was and oh my god you have no idea how badly I wanted to get revenge but I knew I would get in trouble. While I was having my little flashback my sister, Kayla, was still thinking of what to say.

“Ummmm……I wasn’t planning a trick on you I just……started telling you about how my friend was planning a trick on her sister.” I knew she was lying but before I could say something my friends started walking towards me so I walked away from Kayla and went to my friends.

“Hey Amecari what did your sister do today?” My friends all knew how annoying Kayla was because she didn’t take a break she was annoying 24/7.

“Not much she was just planning to put perfume on everything I own, so anyways let’s go.” When it came to my annoyance my friends knew that they had to quickly distract me. After a while I did start to get distracted and we started talking about the same thing everyone was talking about.

“Did you guys notice the difference outside?” My friend Sandy was asking the question and we all just nodded our heads. After first period everyone stopped talking about the difference. The day was like any other day at school, boring. At the end of the day I had to walk home with my sister. Ugh. As soon as I picked up Kayla she started annoying me by telling me about her day which she knew I couldn’t care less about. When we got home I did my homework and then had to help Kayla with her homework but she understood it she just wanted to bother me. The next day when I checked the mail we got a letter but it just said Kayla’s name. Kayla was happy but I was freaked out. Everyday for three weeks Kayla kept getting the same letter. She kept bragging to everyone and annoying everyone about the letter.

“I don’t get why you keep getting these letters it’s starting to creep me out.”
“You’re just jealous you don’t get one.”
“You wish! But if I was you I would actually start to worry.” Kayla never took anything seriously. But she didn’t care what I said she would still get happy about the letters. And she would annoy me even more then usual about the cards which had been delivered to her everyday for the past month. One day we noticed the difference again but it was more noticeable. That night someone or something came to our house and asked to see Kayla.

“Hello Master Kayla, we have come for you and we are here to do whatever you want.” My mouth opened wide I couldn’t understand what just happened. All I could think was does he have the right Kayla? Kayla thought about it for a while then I could tell by her expression was planning a prank on me. She whispered something to him and then that’s all I remember before waking up the next morning. As usual I walked with Kayla to school and she looked very happy.
“Why are you so happy Kayla?” Her smile got even bigger.

“Oh you’ll see just wait.” I started to get more suspicious but when I got to school I solved the mystery. I walked up to my friend Sandy who had her back turned to me and greeted her. She turned around and I screamed Sandy looked just like Kayla and when she started talking she also talked like her and she even acted as annoying as Kayla. Everyone was an exact Kayla replicate except for me I ran to Kayla but she was just laughing.

“What did you do?!?”

“I know how much you love me so I just wanted you to always have me with you haha.” I fainted after the last thing she said and when I woke up I thought it was a dream but it was real. And now I had my annoyance everywhere!!!

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