April 5, 2010
Angels. We as humans can’t see them. At least, not anymore. There was once a time when humans could see Angels. But that was long, long ago, back when God had flew to heaven and never came back down again. Even after God went up to live in the sky, he kept angels down on earth to protect us, to keep us believing in him, especially when we felt like he wasn’t there anymore. These angels were the Yin angels, the angels of light. These angels, had pure, white wings, and they were God’s messengers, his beloved knights, whose very heart and soul desired to only serve Him and his Son; to do there bidding on earth.
In the beginning of time, we humans always relied on the Yin angels. For everything-- because in the beginning, there were only Yin angels in this world. But that was before Lucifer. It was before one of God’s most trusted angels desired more power than God. Lucifer rose up against God, wanting the power of God; power he already had. Yes, God gave the angels so much power already, but it wasn’t enough. Lucifer wanted more. Lucifer wanted to rule over God, and for God, Lucifer’s disobedience grieved him. So God fought with Lucifer, determined to send him away from heaven.
As God and Lucifer fought, God caught Lucifer and tried to tear his wings from him; but Lucifer had followers, who were ready to go up against God, and even though God had succeeded in pulling one of Lucifer’s wings from him, he did not take the other. Instead, God cast Lucifer and his followers down from heaven, and bolted the sky so that they could never return again. Lucifer’s wing, the only one that remained, was bloody from his wound; his wing turned black from his blood. That day, Lucifer made God his rival, determined to out best him. As Lucifer looked at his fallen followers, he saw their white wings and grew mad with envy.
“Rip out your wings,” Lucifer had said. They, Lucifer’s loyal followers, obeyed him. They ripped out their wings without hesitation, biting their tongues against the pain.
Then Lucifer plucked one of his black feathers for each of his followers. He placed the feathers on their backs, and black wings sprouted where the white wings had been. This is how the Yang angels originated. The Yang angels are the angels of darkness. These angels have black wings, and they are Lucifer’s servants. They serve Lucifer with fierce loyalty, and they are his knights; their very souls exist only for Lucifer to take and use at his will; they are the dark creatures that lurk in the shadows, by Lucifer’s hand and command.
Since the very beginning of time, we had always relied on Yin angels. They existed, for us, as a reminder of God’s love. Then one day, the Yang angels appeared, and we began to choose sides: God’s love or Lucifer’s suffering. Soon, this war became so great, that a very ironic thing had happened: for perfect harmony inside our hearts, one group of angels could not exist on earth with out the other. The Yin angels needed Yang angels to show humans God’s love, just like the Yang angels needed the Yin angels to show humans Lucifer’s power. The battle of the Yin and Yang; even now, one cannot exist without the other.

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