Trail Not Travelled

April 9, 2010
Broken, she kept walking. The end wasn't getting any nearer, and the sky wasn't getting any lighter, but she really had no choice in her direction. Backwards was blocked off more and more with every step she took forward. There was nothing for her in the past anyway with what she knew now. Why would she want to go back to that ignorant state of exploitation only to know the deceit that had composed it? They didn't deserve what she'd given them, nor had they earned it. They'd taken what she had to offer with no consideration for her well-being and left her once her offerings had run dry. No. She couldn't go back to that oblivious surpression. Though the future looked bleak, the past was full of naught but pain. She just wanted to stop. Stopping would prevent things from getting worse. Who cares if they couldn't get better that way either. At least sorrow's progression would cease all together. Her feet sank more with every forward step. She slowed, creeping forward slower than one would think possible, and finally, she halted. Her eyes travelled to the night-bound sky above. Her soul sank deeper into her being, the edges of her body fading into nothingness. She fell to her knees and let the sensation take over.


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