April 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Locked in a dark room all alone, I heard the cries of the others. I knew who some of them were. They were my friends: Alfie, the lovable innocent seeming boy; Kiki, the not-so-innocent, new friend; and Nathan, one of my best friend’s sons, and practically my nephew. Kiki screamed in agonizing pain. I knew it was pain because if the torture was even half of what I had received you would wish to die, too.
The screaming stopped and I could hear everything. Every step, every breath, every swish of air as some one moved was audible to my ears. The door to Kiki’s room was closed and I couldn’t discern what happened to him next, but I could hear the soft thud of a big man, who was trained to be light on his feet. The sound of his boots stopped in front of the door and I quickly jumped to hide behind it in a corner. The jingling of keys in the door gave me a needed boost of adrenaline. Just as the door opened and the man steeped in, and just before the door closed I jumped on him.
I am a small girl compared to this man, and normally my strength is high. But in my current state, in this place where they keep you alive on water and bread if you’re lucky, he was able to pluck me out of the air and throw me down. Missing the small bed/table, I fell hard to the concrete floor. Stars immediately exploded in my vision and then I couldn’t see any more, but I could feel. I felt the beast of a man greedily rip the shirt from my chest exposing the now gray bra that lie beneath. Quickly with motions I couldn’t even detect I was left clothe less. I lay silently, naked before him, trying to cover myself.
I could feel his naked weight on top of me, before I could see again. I restrained a cry of pure agonizing pain as he defiled me. Weaken from the blow to my head I could only let the tears silently slide down my face in shame.
I lay shivering in cold and pain beneath him when he was done.
“That was perfect baby girl. You must’ve been a virgin the way you acted so innocent.” While speaking, he slowly slid his hand down my face, chest and up my leg, “I’ll be back for my newly prescribed dosage of your nice tight body.”
He got up and dressed quickly when we heard the sounds of some one else walking through the corridor. He kissed me hard and left closing and locking the door behind him. As soon as I heard his steps fade into oblivion I curled into a ball and silently cried. I tried to block out all the screams, shrieks, and yells as I cried my self to sleep.
I had only been out for a little bit when the lock to my door turned again. Scared out of my mind, I quickly gathered my self in the corner. Slowly the door opened and a small looking female walked in. It was still dark but I could make out the white lab coat, long red hair, and food tray she had. Setting it down she walked from the room, locking it as she went.
I was hungry but when I tried I found that I could barely move and my body was healing back up again. My bruises, cuts and freshly torn bottom half were all now healed, though there was still immense pain. I moved as fast as I could and grabbed my clothes only to find that all I had was a ripped skirt, underwear, and bra. After gathering the strength and putting on what was left of my clothes I moved to the tray. It was a disappointment that made me want to scream. The plate held a bone with the meat ripped off and an empty cup.
It took all I had to not break down again. I was truly alone this time. No one knew I had been taken and if they did they didn’t care. I tried to lie to my self to say that those who knew I was gone were searching for me, but I didn’t know how long I had been gone for or who had even taken me. All I knew was I was here they beat me and now I was going to be raped my the same man – if not more- at least once a day for the rest of my stay here.

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